Def Jam: Fight For New York Review

Just over the Brooklyn Bridge, 16. 22 Avenue. a deserted parking lot at the intersection of the street. Even during the day, few people came and went, and the car park, which faced this abandonment, had unexpected guests that night. As the lights approached, which seemed vaguely ahead, the dogs began to bark, giving the first signs that they would be here soon. The source of two light filters that illuminated the dark parking lot, the purple Chevrolet stood somewhere on the edge. No one came out of it. Until the second car came and stood in front of him. It was followed by the third, fourth and other cars. Each incoming vehicle had stopped in the same center. A circle of light appeared in the middle of the vehicles.

They got out of the vehicles one by one. The silence was broken by curses gushing from mouths. As mutual swearing continued, two men appeared. The big white one took off his jacket and spat on the floor. The black man, with his necklace extending to his crotch, also walked slowly to the circle in the middle. First they threw words at each other, then their fists. No one intervened in the merciless fight, they were just shouting and shouting. The big white one fell to the ground very badly. As he writhed in his own blood, he got on the bonnet of a car that was black. He jumped on it with his elbow to give White the finishing shot. But it was too late. As the Negro was about to fall to the ground, the white one returned with such a serial move that the Negro, now in the same blood, was writhing. The white one took the bottle of whiskey on the floor. He made it break and break on the car. That bad smile looked good on your bloodied face. The white man raised his hand in the air, holding the bottle, to make the actual finishing shot…

Hey, man, this is our dump, okay?

Has anyone played Def Jam Vendetta? Personally, I didn’t play, and I understand better what a big mistake I made when I wrote These sentences. A unique game that presents street fighting in its most brutal form, adorning fight scenes with rap music that contain too much blood to call Mortal Combat. Starring Hip-hop artists, this copious bloody game was highly appreciated not only by those who love the rap style, but also by fighting game enthusiasts. Offering the opportunity to fight in different styles, this game, which offers quite enjoyable moments not only for the player but also for the player who watches the game with mind-blowing combo movements, was immediately made the second in as little as a year. This time, the game, which features more hip-hop stars and more combat moves, was decorated with more impressive graphics.

Def Jam describes the rivalry between the gangs trying to keep New York under control. The character we control is a young fighter who has just joined one of these gangs and has not much talent because he is a rookie, just for a little fame and fame (of course, for a little money). Our goal is to collect money by winning fights and use the money we collect to buy new clothes or learn new fighting techniques. Fights usually contain no rules, the one who stands wins, so to speak; in a style that can be called “to the death”.

Get your fucking eyes off me…

Let’s bring up the fight. When you start the game, you immediately create a character to play in Story Mode. When creating our character, we can create a character from scratch, whether we want to use the ready ones. After we get through this process, we first need to defeat a few simple fighters to make money. But first we must prepare. Our house is the main menu of the game. Here we can go to fights or shops on the map. We can listen to our messages on the answering machine, use the wardrobe and choose what we want from the clothes we have. And we have a corner where we put trophies that we won. After a while, we can fill this place with trophies and admire it.

The map section is divided into two parts. The first is the fighting tracks, and the second is the shops. We beat up the one we meet on the fighting tracks and make sure that new tracks are opened. And the shops are the aesthetic side. There’s a barbershop, tattoo parlour, jewellery shop, a hip-hop boutique and a training ground. We can go to the barber shop and create the hair-beard model we want, and we can go to each match with a different image. And from a jewelry store, we can get a lot of jewelry. Especially if our character is black, it’s like a jewelry store (OR B. In The A-Team SeriesA. Like Baracus) it will be nice to fill it with gold necklaces. We can get the tattoo we want at the tattoo shop and provide a charismatic look for the audience. If you can find a proper outfit from a boutique that appeals to hip-hop people, it’s love. Low-waisted baggy pants, Timberland boots and hooded sweat-shirts that are every rapper’s pupil are your only options. I personally couldn’t find a suitable outfit for myself, put on pants and left me naked. It looked bad from the start, but then I peaked my charisma with beautiful tattoos. All the clothes you get here will be added to the gardolap in the main menu (i.e. in your home). You can put it on and off at any time.

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Let’s move on to the practice field. This is a place where we can learn new movements, improve our abilities such as health, endurance, speed, in exchange for money. We can learn many movements that contradict the rules of aesthetics and physics, but we are not given the slightest clue as to how to use them. In the game you will learn a lot of movement through trial and error.

All power is that?

Everything I’ve told you so far is eye-painting. More precisely, the details added to make a game that is already very successful better. The real game – that is, fights in arenas-is the main source of pleasure outside of all this visuals of the game. Even though I’ve been playing games for years, it’s so cruel and “come on, you too!”I didn’t play hard enough to make him say. Although many of the movements are in the style used extensively in real life and movies, many of them have “American Wrestling”features. You are already determining your fighting style on the screen of creating your character. These; it’s divided into arms like street fighting, wrestling, karate. Although they have serious differences from each other, you can save money and change them from the training field under the name of a new fighting style.

The reason Def Jam stripped itself of similar fighting games so easily is K.That system. In almost every fighting game, characters have power bars, and when these bars are reset, the character loses that round. In Def Jam, a different system is implemented. Again, the characters have power bars, and they decrease every time they take a blow, but this bar, which decreases as the break goes on, fills up again to a certain extent (and depending on the character’s endurance). It is necessary to defeat a character; this bar is low enough to be red, and then the enemy K.He – that is, a strong shot-needs to be applied. Otherwise, the characters don’t die, even if their power is reset.

So, this is K.How is it done? After a successful fight, you beat your opponent’s power bar until it turned red. Now all you have to do is apply the power to him immediately without the Yesil again. The simplest way to do this is to go between the audience and take an object like a cue, a bottle from them and coin it in your opponent’s head. A second way is more aesthetic, although it is more difficult. In the game, you experience situations where you catch your opponent and throw them against the wall and so on. Here, this technique does when your opponent’s power bar is red, if you quickly throw it on hard floors such as a wall, music box, pole; our friend is no longer able to get up from the ground. K.Amazing that they bring to game the system size. Because K.You can never say “I won the match” or “I lost” without doing that. Even though your strength is gone, you can fight a little wisely and get your strength back and defeat your afflicted opponent. Of course, the same situation is in question in the opposite. Even though you catch your opponent with zero force, you can’t.If he can’t, you can be the defeated side this time.

A rule that should be very careful about fighting is that the audience is both your friend and enemy. If the audience is holding objects like sticks and bottles in their hands, you can go and get them. But don’t get too close to an audience that has nothing. Because when you go to them, they push you or hold you and let your opponent beat you up. Of course, it is possible to use this event as an advantage. If you bring your opponent closer to the audience with a series of punches, they grab him by the arms and make him an open target so that you can hit you. Even if they have bottles and sticks in their hands, they don’t even have money on their head. Apart from the audience, the surrounding objects also contribute to the game. For example, fluorescent lamps take a lot of power when you push your opponent, or jukeboxes can be a good option to break your opponent’s head.

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Aaaa Shan Paul … What are you doing here?

It’s not like the story about Def Jam will end. Especially the details of the game at a high level. Normally, the pleasure you get by fighting one-on-one is clogged in a certain place. But when you play the game in Story Mode, you personally experience the progress of a very successful scenario. I told you, we’re playing a young fighter in Story Mode. As we win matches and have fame, and if we have decency, we are asked to enter a video and choose a girlfriend. Of course, that’s part of the story, because when your chosen girlfriend wants to go and talk to you, her giant boyfriend comes and challenges you. After that, you know. If you beat him, you take the girl. If you’re defeated, the ugly girl of the bar says, “Come and clean you up and take you home.” And from here on out, the script changes. On your next bar adventure, you’ll meet Carmen Electra, and the game will ask you; is she your ex? Carmen Electra? We already know your answer, but let’s say you choose one. This time, these two girls are fighting each other. So you control the girl of your choice and find out that your ex is a pretty strong fight.

In short, Def Jam’s scenario mode is quite successful. By the time you reach the man at the top of the dark gangs, you will have defeated hundreds of fighters, as I told you, a lot of interesting events. But Story Mode is a feature that makes it easy; The “rematch” option that comes after each defeat. So when you play with the same opponent many times, eventually you beat him and you can be more successful than you deserve.

I want my mom !!!

I think it’s time to talk about the technical details of the game. Def Jam is an extraordinarily successful fighting game, as well as its graphics, which deserve a pretty good rating. All fighters are very detailed and arenas are suitable for producing alternative fights. The animations are quite soft and done with success. Blood gushing after each punch pollutes the runways and stays on the ground until the fight is over. After long fights, it’s not even a job to find a floor covered in blood. The faces of the characters receive real-time damage. If we can’t figure it out unless we get too close, in fact, after every series of punches, cuts and bruises occur on the faces. Graphically, the only missing side is that some of the audience is not detailed. These are usually the second in the audience and the ones left behind, but if they were so detailed, they would never have been.

The vocalizations are entirely made by real hip-hop players. Music also in the same way. If you think about how hip-hop music is worthy of a fighting game, that’s how it suits you. The sounds of fists, kicks and broken objects during the fight are very pleasant. The most beautiful is the interesting sound of broken, bent arms, legs, blood springing from the mouth with a sudden hook. They’re all so beautiful, you can’t tell without playing. Multiplayer options are among the sine qua non in such a game. Although up to 4 people are supported on the same console, unfortunately, Xbox Live! with no option to play over the internet.

At the end of the article, there is a point that I cannot mention. Five or six days ago, we had a conversation with Can Gulay. Can said, ” Emre, did you play Def Jam?”. Me; “what’s that? A basketball game?“when you say, “can immediately;” anyone who hears the word Jam thinks basketball. A great fighting game. Al, you won’t regret it.”A day after this conversation, I was still approaching the game with doubt. But from the moment the game started, it was so blonde that the game pad stuck to my hand. I started playing like crazy, spending sleepless nights learning the cruelest of fighting techniques. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to put on my T-shirt showing my new yakuza tattoo and ask Snoop Dog for the bill.…

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