Day of the Zombie Review

day of the zombie

Some producers are unlikely to understand. They can take a game they have developed before and put it on the market as a new product by making a little change on it. Brainbox Games didn’t break the tradition, they changed the name of land of the dead to day of the Zombie, which came out four years ago, and made a copy.

Feast night of the Living Dead!

After the cinematography, which describes events in the style of a comic book, the control passes to us. The person we led in the first place is a student. Our character encounters the reality of the living dead after hearing voices outside. He calls his girlfriend and can’t reach her as a cliché. He needs to save himself and his girlfriend. So we begin the adventure. The gameplay is quite simple. We find the key to open the locked doors and kill the zombies that stand in front of us. The direction is clear, you have no chance of getting lost in sections. Day of the zombie’s dead are outnumbered, but they all lack intelligence. They come at you and try to hit you at certain intervals, which can also coincide with times when they can’t do it. They can break down walls or doors and come across us, but that’s where the chains of mistakes come in. You’ll see zombies stuck in the same place, getting into the coating, getting stuck somewhere. With the impact of a baseball bat, you can pass through the coating and witness enemies who find themselves in the other room. A variety of zombies. Just as there are slow walkers, there are those who run at you like a hound on the floor.

We have weapons such as shovels, hammers, rifles, machine guns, sniper, Molotov cocktails. Some of the weapons also have special hits. For example, you can hit a slow, but heavy blow with a shovel or a baseball bat. Ammunition and medical packages are also available in the vicinity. Day of the zombie, according to Land of the Dead, shows events by different people. Starting as a student, in another next episode, we manage another sniper who hunts zombies in the farmhouse, supposedly the events are told from different angles, but this does not add any difference to the gameplay and content.

It doesn’t look like a good point

The graphics are actually the same as the game released years ago. Is there any change. The visuals, modeling, coatings, which lag behind the time, can make the scary atmosphere that the game wants to present and fails to deliver laughable. The voices are not good, but there are voice-overs in the cinematic narrative and in between, they didn’t miss it. If you are playing, there is also a multiplayer option. Land of the dead’le the same infrastructure and materials when the system requirement is low. And the result is a complete fiasco. It’s a mystery why such a game was made.

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