Darkwatch: Curse of the West

Darkwatch: Curse of the West

Darkwatch: Curse of the West is a 2005 first-individual shooter computer game for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox.

It was created by High Moon Studios (previously Sammy Studios) and distributed by Capcom in the United States and by Ubisoft in Europe and Australia.

The game blends western, frightfulness and steampunk classes, recounting the account of Jericho Cross, a fugitive gun slinger in the late nineteenth century American Frontier who has been transformed into a vampire and coercively enrolled by the nominal beast chasing secret association to battle against heavenly powers.

Darkwatch was met with a by and large certain basic gathering, acclaimed specifically for its moderately novel Weird West setting and imaginative benefits. The game was joined by a broad special mission and was wanted to be the main portion of another media establishment, yet its continuation got dropped in 2007 and the film transformation stays being developed hellfire.


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