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dark void

Flying has always been a beautiful dream for people. Soar in the sky, travel as far as possible to Infinity, Watch the world over the clouds, and feel the wind all over your body.

Many years before today, a man, a cargo pilot, jumped on his plane to perform routine transport tasks. His friends who came with him wanted to help him and share his loneliness in the sky. Soon things started to go wrong, and the plane crashed into a tiny piece of land in the middle of the ocean. No one has heard of the Bermuda Triangle. People are even afraid to come near these islands. However, our character, William Augustus, is not yet aware of this situation, but it will not take him long to learn.

Dark Void is an action adventure game developed by Airtight Games. After an unexpected accident, William and I depart and take action against an army of machines that wants to destroy us. The” we ” factor here represents not just our character and acquaintances, but all the people in the land we set foot in. Because we have to fight to defeat them and return to our normal lives. Guess who’s supposed to prevent it; William Augustus, of course.

If you’ve seen it, kill it!

We learn the controls in the first minutes of our game. Our man, William, can fight both on land and in the air. First, when they’re in the air, they attract attention. It speeds up, slows down, makes sudden turns, and we can hunt enemies with weapons on our costume. And when we step on Earth, this time we are faced with robots. The first machines we saw reminded me a lot of the TX in Terminator 3. We could see its metal skeleton as it began to change or was subjected to effective attacks. So I saw all my enemies as TX derivatives and started to destroy them.

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The artificial intelligence of our enemies is hovering over the ground. Using a trench system similar to Gears of War, the construction allows us to hide behind surrounding objects so that we can survive multiple attacks and rest when we get too much damage. Of course, we can also shoot while hiding, repel robots. Fortunately, they can’t think of getting to the bottom of us. As the episodes progress, of course, we encounter more advanced enemies, but unfortunately, the level of intelligence does not change.

I’m out, let’s punch him.

We can collect ammunition for the weapons we use from those we kill or from the environment. We also get points thanks to the energy balls we earn. By using them, we can also make improvements to our weapons and equipment. If you have a chance to fight one-on-one, your priority attack option is not to shoot. Get as close to the robot as possible and attack by moving in series. With a few kicks and punches, you can experience visually impressive scenes. Moments like this can also be very exciting, using weapons or fighting on a ship in the air.

During air battles, you first need to get used to moving camera angles. We’re usually busy shooting into the clouds in the first minutes. I like the camera angles, which vary depending on the shape of the place we are on. Let’s say you’re on the edge of a cliff and you have to move forward by jumping on the ledges below. The camera angle changes to show you from the side. And when you aim down, you shoot in a position that looks directly down the cliff.

I have to admit, I’m visually disappointed. Character designs, overlays, interaction with the environment, and animations are not successful. The characters run like jumps. And the positions of death are a disaster. Mountains and huge rocks on maps, as if they were designed from pudding. The level of detail remains quite superficial. From aural point of view, important people worked at Dark Void. The game’s music was composed by Bear McCreary, who worked on the Battlestar Galactica series. And on an additional note, Brad Pitt is very eager for a film adaptation of Dark Void.

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The production does not feature multiplayer modes, except for the single-player game mode. “The struggles you engage in both by flying and on the surface of the earth cannot go beyond the battle between the one-man army and the machines whose artificial intelligence programs are missing. “Airtight Games has failed its lesson. If you don’t try, you won’t lose.

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