Dark Cloud

Dark Cloud

Dark Cloud is an activity pretending computer game created by Level-5 and distributed by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PlayStation 2.

Initially proposed as a dispatch title for the framework in March 2000, the game was ultimately delivered in Japan in December 2000, in North America in May 2001, and in Europe in September 2001. A profound continuation, Dark Chronicle (called Dark Cloud 2 in North America), was delivered in Japan in 2002 and worldwide the next year.

Exceptionally consolidating the systems of activity pretending games with components of city-building games, Dark Cloud recounts the tale of a gathering of travelers who unite as one to battle against the Dark Genie, who has assaulted and annihilated numerous towns. The primary hero and player character is Toan, a kid who is given a supernatural stone called the Atlamillia by Simba, the Fairy King, conceding him the ability to modify the obliterated grounds.

Dark Cloud was met with mostly certain audits by pundits, who applauded its mix of ongoing interaction types, albeit some scrutinized its battle as dreary. The game was a business achievement. In spite of the fact that it at first sold ineffectively in Japan, it ultimately proceeded to sell more than 800,000 duplicates around the world. In December 2015, the game was made accessible by means of copying for the PlayStation 4 through the PlayStation Network.


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