D-Day Review


Another was added to the World War II games; D-Day. In this game, the events that began with the landing of American soldiers in Normandy are simulated. And you control the soldiers, tanks and all the rest of the equipment from a view from the hill. At the beginning of the game, you are told what to do. And you’re trying to do it with all your strategy genius.

The game is not exactly a produce-attack strategy. You are given various soldiers and tanks at the beginning of the game. You’re trying to complete the mission using them. One or two extra tasks are given in each map. If you can do these things (which are not very difficult), you can also be given new soldiers, tanks, or other beautiful things according to the mission.

The Varieties Of Soldiers Are Impressive
For example, on the first mission, three troops land on the ground with planes. Here’s the game you’ve started. The soldiers given to you are not a single unit. There are varieties, and this variety is very important in terms of building your strategy in the game. Scout, officer, flamethrower, sniper, Sapper, doctor, rifleman, bazooka, Piat fighter. They all function differently. The effectiveness of all of them is different. For example, officers increase the effectiveness of soldiers and tanks, while soldiers with marksmen and rifles are very effective against soldiers of the opposite side. Alevkusan men are number one in clearing trenches and tanks. And friends with bazookas have no particular subtlety. It’s their job to blow up the passerby. The worst enemy of Tanks.

Tank Use Seeks Attention
Of course, you’re not just given soldiers. Tanks are part of the job. Tanks work more than soldiers when you’re playing campaign alone. So you have to play the tanks carefully. For example, in one episode, when you go to the beach, you are given soldiers, as well as a few tanks. But the coast is full of Mines. “I’ll take your tanks around.”as soon as you put it in mode, you say goodbye to your tanks. Soldiers can pass around mines, but tanks have no such subtlety. They’re trying to go straight to where you stepped. For this reason, first let the bomb squad clear the mines on the beach for you, and then you go around with your tanks.

The type of Tanks is also important. Some are light but fast, some have too long range, some have too much power. The game has almost everything that has been used in battle, and it fits the truth. For example, tanks have to stop to be able to shoot. Each tank’s firing Time, barrel rotation time is different. This is one of the factors affecting the realism of the game. Of course, there is no rule in the game that every vehicle will be armed. Vehicles like motorcycles and cars are very fast, but they are unarmed. These tools can sometimes work. In one episode, The French insurgents need a vehicle to deliver a news story. If you can provide that, you will be joined by four new soldiers. That’s one of the good things about the game. There’s a main and a side mission given to you. You don’t have to finish side or hidden missions, but if you finish, you’re given extra soldiers.Looking at the game in general, the very detailed graphics, realistic atmosphere and the fact that it differs from the classic produce-attack strategy are quite impressive. Actually, the game is a little like Commandos. You don’t have three or five soldiers like in commandos, but if you can’t make the most of what you’re given, you’re screwed. For example, attacking a machine gun nest with a rifle soldier means a quick end for you. But after an alevkusan attacks the nest, it can easily fry everyone inside.The shooter can take down men from very long distances with one shot, but he has such a low rate of fire that it becomes a sad end for him to swoop on almost everyone after the first guy he hits.

Artificial Intelligence Is Very Satisfactory
The German soldiers are not waiting for you with their arms open. They’re in trenches, machine gun nests, at the head of cannons, sometimes just around. And it’s interesting that when the Germans see you, if their forces are weak, they immediately go to the nearest soldier’s shelter and gather their “backs”. I’ve tried to get the shooter close to the Germans a few times and clean them all up. After the first man was shot, they immediately either settled in the machine gun nest or gathered their friends and came.

One of the good things about the game is that most of what is seen is interactive. Every car you kill but don’t blow up is yours if enough people are put in it. Your alevkusan men are the ideal ones for this job. This doesn’t just apply to vehicles. Cannons, houses, tanks, you can use everything the Germans can use. This, in turn, can change the strategy you want to set up in the game. For example, at the beginning of the episode, you were never given a vehicle, but you captured a tank. According to the tank you captured, your mood increases. As soon as you capture a Tiger, you even have a chance to finish the chapter. Because Tiger tanks are the most powerful and armored tanks in the game. No Allied tank is as effective as it is. And the biggest feature of the tank is that almost no soldier has a chance to stand in front of the tank. Only alevkusans and bazookas are the medicine of Tanks.(if they also manage to approach)

You Become The Beginning Of Multiplayer Kalkamayacig
Let’s move on to the multiplayer part. The multiplayer mode in the game is really created a lot of fun. Although it’s a little hard to start. After selecting the Multiplayer part, the person who installed the game must lock the game (lock). It’s set up so no one else gets into the game. After the game is locked, you select your armies that you will use when starting the game, so to speak, your “first 11” using the drag and drop method. Here, too, there is a good balance. Each unit you receive has a certain score. Here you spend a total of 200 points. You can use these points as you wish. Tanks, soldiers, cannons, air attack, cannon attack, vehicles; whatever you want. If you’re going to play two people, I suggest you don’t concentrate your choice on one part. Because a single species can be hunted immediately. Anyway, you’ve chosen your army. If this process is also complete, you indicate that you are ready by pressing the ready button, and you start saying that the friend who installed the game is start. Don’t be surprised if you can’t see the other buttons except the lock I mentioned here when you select multiplayer in the game, and don’t think the game is broken. Because the other one doesn’t open without pressing a button. So no one can make a setup army without you saying lock. No one can click the ready button until the Setup army process is complete. An interesting design.
Multiplayer options are limited to three. Classic deathmatch, capture the flag and conquer the HQ. Deathmatch is a type of game where you can understand who Dum duma to whom. In Capture the flag games, there are flags in various parts of the map. You’re trying to get to those flags. The team that marks all the flags wins the game. In the style of conquer the HQ game, you also try to take over the center of the opposite side.

You do not produce armies in either multiplayer or single player games. In Multiplayer mode, you are given the right to recruit new employees every three minutes. Of course, with the condition that the limit of 200 points remains constant. So you lost your men in the fight and you wasted your right; you have to wait about three minutes. When three minutes are up, you can get your new people right away. And you click on your flag twice to order people. At the bottom of the screen, the window with each unit opens. Framed ones are what you can get. And those without frames, you can’t touch them. In fact, this way the game always stays alive. Because even if you lost all your units in the collision, you can order new units immediately if you have the right.

Advice From Me
Let’s move on to the clues in the game. Always keep air attack on the sidelines in Multiplayer games. Because it’s cheap and very effective. Nothing can hit planes except anti-aircraft, but planes can easily hit anything. Even planes sometimes count and shoot tanks that you don’t aim at but are on the road. At the same time, if you send the airstrike to the other corner of the map, it opens up almost the entire map to you. This is a very good opportunity for you to see where the enemy is positioned.

Although it is not as effective as an air attack, a ball attack is also a useful attack on the edge. You mark a place in this type of attack, and 10 seconds later, that area is subject to cannon fire. Be careful, the artillery is hitting the area. If one of your units is in that area, there may be sad consequences. The most appropriate technique is to start the area where you will attack with artillery fire, clear what is left with an air attack, and capture the area with your latest tanks and soldiers.

Also pay attention to the choice of Tanks. Two of the German’s Tiger tanks fill your 200 points. If you want to start the game with only two tanks, the Germans are the ideal choice. But remember that in multiplayer games, alevkusans can also clean the inside of Tanks. Bazooka and alevkusan men in houses are kicking tanks ‘ ass. In the open area, tanks are flattening everything. My advice is at least two airstrikes, one or two artillery fire, a few bazookas and alevkusan and men with rifles, and a couple of Tanks. One more thing: many of the tanks are moving very slowly. And it takes at least five men to capture a tank. So keep your rifle soldiers near the alevkusans. And when the Tank is empty, capture it immediately.

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