Curse: The Eye of Isis

Curse: The Eye Of Isis

Curse: The Eye of Isis is an endurance loathsomeness computer game that was created by British studio Asylum Entertainment and distributed by DreamCatcher Interactive and Wanadoo for the Xbox, PlayStation 2 and Windows.

It was delivered stateside for Windows in October 2003 and for Xbox in April 2004. The PlayStation 2 form was just delivered in Europe.

It has a similar kind of barometrical setting, interactivity, fixed camera points, and ammunition safeguarding as the prior Resident Evil games, just as numerous other original endurance loathsomeness games in the class, like ObsCure and Silent Hill.

The Xbox adaptation of the game was momentarily in reverse viable with the Xbox 360, however was eliminated from the rundown as a result of glitches on December 1, 2005. The game remaining parts unplayable on that framework.

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