Cube Review


When I first heard the name Cube, I thought of Cube, perhaps the lowest-budget shot and one of the most ridiculous movies I’ve ever seen in my life. Frankly, when I saw the game, I thought it was one of those games that we’re used to now, derived from movies. But I soon realized that this production was not such a misfortune. Also, Cube is not a production derived from the film, but as a content, it was a production that we could consider very interesting and high playability.

The Rubik’s Cube

When describing cube, we can start by saying that it is of the puzzle type. But it would be more accurate to define construction as a new generation of modern puzzles than simply defining it in the puzzle genre. In a construction where we control a cube, we try to find our way through traps and obstacles to a large extent, contrary to the rules of physics. In all sections consisting of three-dimensional cubes, the goal is to start from a certain point and reach the end point. This means that, contrary to the rules of physics, we can go up-down-right-left-bottom on platforms consisting of cubes, even if we are upside down in all directions, you understand. In short, every road to the end point is an exchange in this game. The cubes that juxtapose the platforms in different ways also contain traps and bombs that restrict our mobility. Traps, gaps, or bombs can stop you completely, and sometimes slow down your speed, causing your arrival time to end to be extended. Of course, this situation is reflected back to you as minus points. Because we have a certain period of time, and the better we evaluate this period, the more points we get. As we slow down, the amount of points we earn falls. However, in some parts, it puts more sticks in your wheel by changing direction or moving.

As we move all over the platforms in a three-dimensional way in the construction, we need to change our perspective in the same way when we change our direction. But because the camera is a little too sensitive in this regard and moves in the direction we want, rather than in its head, camera angles are also nominated to be among the pitfalls that exist in the production. In addition, there may be some difficulties in terms of vision due to the carelessness in the choice of color in the departments. For example, all sides are pink (!) platforms and backgrounds that are color contain a mess of similar shades rather than color harmony. The sections are decorated in a very diverse structure. Some take a few minutes to complete, while others may need to spend quite a long time on it. Of course, among the reasons for this, the role of traps and bombs is quite large.

Movable structures

From the point of view of music, it seems that the production does not promise much. It is more possible to plug in the MP3 player’s headset and turn off the sound of the game. Apart from dozens of chapters with different difficulty levels, Cube also includes a chapter design editor. The only criteria for designing your own departments are your imagination, time and patience. Apart from these, the production also supports multiplayer. This allows you to fight head-to-head against your friends. In general, you can spend some time at the beginning of the Cube, but the excess can return as problems such as headaches. In particular, the lack of attention to the choice of color caused such a fall back. Although it has technical errors, it still promises a different experience for puzzle lovers outside of classic productions.

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