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crysis warhead

After Far Cry, some disagreements arose between them and Ubisoft Crytek, this time with EA, “maximum game” had touted Crysis with the password. Crysis, which met with game lovers after a long wait last year, was very talked about with its quality graphics, as well as the heavy load it brought to the systems. As a result of the preparation of the game exclusively for the PC and the High system requirements it wants, “I wonder if Crysis comes out on consoles?”Similar questions have been asked a lot, and although a lot of news has been made in this direction, Crytek has not taken a step towards consoles.

Deciding that the mission of Crysis had not yet been completed, Crytek announced a new game called Warhead and announced that it would be prepared by their new studio, Crytek Budapest. Although considered an expansion (at first), Warhead was to be prepared as a completely reworked game, this time with the password “less system requirements than the first production”. So much so that EA and Crytek are examples of $ 600 PCs for Crysis: Warhead to work stably. Let’s see if there’s as much as they say.

The other face

Special forces belonging to the US Army, who did not want to be insensitive to unusual developments in the South China Sea, saw that the Koreans were not idle when they wanted to know what was happening in this region. In Crysis, where we led a soldier named Nomad, we had to fight against alien creatures, except for the forces of the enemy country. During the adventure, our team could not stay together, scattered around and died. In the first game, we get the chance to manage psycho, who is noted for his reckless and humorous attitude, in the new game. Warhead is the subject of the events of psycho, who is on the other side of the island in a large-scale operation on Crysis.

The style of the game’s progression bears similarities to the first production. We can easily perform almost all tasks. We are involved in familiar functions such as intercepting information on computers, destroying armored vehicles, cleaning the area and going to the result. The first innovation to come with Warhead is the “batting feel”. This situation that caused us to empty the clip in Crysis has been fixed in the new game. As new weapons, automatic rifles have been added that can throw bombs and use 2 at the same time. We were also constantly collecting weapons from the ground to stock up on bullets. This, in turn, could leave us in a difficult position in a time of conflict, undermining continuity in some way. In the construction, this has also been overcome, and now it is enough to go over the gun. Driving and vehicular tasks are also mandatory in Warhead. New vehicles, such as armored reconnaissance vehicles and Hovercraft, were also included in the construction.

The suit’s influence on us is quite significant again. In the first game, Nomad said that the Nano suit should not move to other military forces. Now we have a special enemy that we will face many times throughout the game. And he seems to like our suit. Crytek used cinematic scenes, especially in these moments of encounter. Apart from hostile forces, of course, creatures pose the most serious danger. Despite the freezing rays they send, the hide-and-shoot tactic works pretty well. During this time, if you have also set the property of your clothing as maximum armor, you will not be too difficult.

Vast lands

No one knows about the famous cave mission in the first game and probably doesn’t bother to pass. In this section, the radar we use is completely disabled and there is no specified direction information. A new episode in the same style is also featured in the new game. But this time it’s a mission that takes place underground, and it’s quite fun. For those bored by the” sea-sand-sun ” trio, fully ice-covered maps and operations accompanied by wind and rain will look more pleasant to the eye.

Let’s move on to our enemies, who will shape our direction on the maps, again, as in the first game, they are constantly on the move. They’re hiding, they’re sending grenades to get us out of hiding. It’s already clear that they’re in constant contact. And sometimes, the fact that they don’t see you even though you go to the bottom is one of the flaws of artificial intelligence. The types of attacks we will identify against them can take the game to higher levels, both in terms of visuals and excitement. Let’s just say enemy soldiers entered a barracks. If you throw a grenade through the door, those who can escape escape, but those who stay inside disappear along with the shattered shed, sometimes they can jump out of the window under the influence of the explosion. Let’s assume that a Jeep is standing between a house and a few trees. A house and trees nearby were also badly damaged when the Jeep exploded following the fire. As for the physics engine, Warhead is really good. A construction with very high-quality fragmentation and explosion effects. We’re in a completely deformable world.

Heavy graphics

Perhaps the most curious topic about the game was how CryEngine 2 would perform. Q6600 – HD4870-2GB RAM system consisting of Crysis: Warhead AA off low and medium settings gave a good performance I saw. Of course, these were certainly not the proportions we expected. AA open, 1440 x 900 resolution and high settings when I entered the game I encountered a smooth gameplay. I would say that the FPS value is at 23-24 levels in very intense conflict environments. 1024 X 768 resolution and AA off at times exceeding 50 fps Warhead, sometimes dropped to around 20-25 Fps. Last option the highest graphics quality option is available in Warhead, unlike Crysis. AA open, 1440 x 900 resolution again in intense conflict environments FPS ratio was around 18. Of course, the game performs higher indoors than outdoors.

Icing the surfaces and binoculars of weapons in the cold parts, wet appearance of tree leaves and plants in rainy weather, light and shadow effects, especially in the actions you enter, even the floor you step on is shattered in the face of bullets is a visual feast. We can often see the sloppy designs of the high mountains that surround most maps. In general, the visual quality that the game offers is very good, but unfortunately the need for a high system is still essential for this construction.

Although it does not have a rich content in terms of music, melodies have been prepared in a style that reflects the feeling of the wild forest in which we are located. As in the first game, warhead, voiced in Turkish, deserves a plus point in this aspect. In the multiplayer part of the game called “Crysis Wars”, which comes with the production, there are 21 maps, 7 of which are new, supporting up to 32 people. 3 different game modes: Team Instant action mode, Power Struggle and Instant Action, which comes with Warhead, are actually thought to be available with Crysis, but need to be developed further. We can use tools on wide maps and use all the features of our Nano suit.


Warhead has a short gameplay time. A construction that can be easily finished in an average of 6 hours. Crytek, Far Cry After Crysis for the last time signed a PC-specific structure. According to warhead’s success, Crysis 2 is also likely to be prepared. CryEngine 2 systems forcing company, CryEngine 3 will do with what is the subject of curiosity. Affordable price and support for Turkish voice acting Warhead, a very reasonable production. If your system is sufficient, it is useful to try. If you have a different thought in mind, you can also expect Far Cry 2, which will be released on October 24. As far as I’m concerned, the best production with a Crytek signature is still Far Cry.

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