Cryptocurrency will be given as a reward for individual missions in GTA 6

gta 6

According to a new GTA 6 leak, players who complete individual missions in Grand Theft Auto 6 will be given in-game cryptocurrencies as a reward.

Tom Henderson, who came up with leaks about the Call of Duty and Battlefield series, also drew attention to his leak about GTA 6, a new game in the Grand Theft Auto series.

gta 6

In-Game cryptocurrency instead of virtual currency

Henderson, who stated that he had received a sensation about GTA 6, claimed that Rockstar Games will restore the stock market feature along with GTA 6 by adding “brokers” for different cryptocurrencies, and those who complete in-game tasks will now be rewarded with cryptocurrencies instead of virtual money.

Henderson, who initially announced that the cryptocurrency that will be given as an in-game reward will be Bitcoin, later stated that the cryptocurrency that will be used in GTA 6 will not be called Bitcoin, and that this cryptocurrency can only be used in the game, just like in GTA 5.

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