Cryostasis: The Sleep Of Reason Review

cryostasis the sleep of reason review

Cryostasis: The Sleep of Reason is about a cold disaster that occurred in 1981. A nuclear icebreaker has crashed near the Arctic. In order to reach the ship and find out what is going on, Alexander Nesterov, a Russian meteorologist, is sent to the location of the ship’s wreckage.

Developed by Action Forms, it is a survival game with an FPS perspective. It’s not easy for Nesterov to get to the ship. Our character, who finds himself unconscious in an ice pit, is constantly beginning to have strange dreams. In a way, these dreams show what he did to get to the ship. After a while, these dreams are replaced by flashbacks (flashbacks) that show the past and we are in. Given that we are alone, it is not difficult to predict that these elements will at least lead to interesting events and a tense atmosphere.

In the first place, we have no weapons to defeat the creatures we will encounter. So we have to use our fists and also get rid of enemy attacks by making blocks. It’s enough to block, because our enemies also don’t have weapons in the early stages. But in later episodes, we can use weapons. Any pipe valve or one rifle is among them. My production reminded me of a little condemned in this direction. We have a limited supply of ammunition.


Actually, there is life

If we create a progress diagram, we can say that this is a method of opening a new path by stepping into a different dimension and thus moving forward. The fact is, since all the ship’s personnel froze to death, the only living person is Nesterov, whom we rule. Frozen people appear along the way. Each of them is dead, but they have a red energy ball on them. When we get this ball, we can step into the memories of those people before they died. A lot of times they warn us and talk about what we can do. If we succeed, we find ourselves in new territory. If we fail, we have to stay in the part where we are until we cross the same place. At this time, a different theme was added to the game’s visuals on shades of black and red. While not exactly the same, a new way-finding method using different dimensions reminded me of mirrors in Silent Hill: Origins.

Hot? Cold?

Let’s talk about the health care system. Cryostasis has a counter that serves this purpose. This meter measures temperature and cold. If we spend too much time on ice or in the open, our body temperature drops and we can eventually die. If we’re too cold, sometimes there are torches around.

Progress in the game can sometimes change. Sometimes there are times when we move on a boat or underwater. The only constant factor is the creatures who want to kill us! We’re moving forward with the edges of our vision screen frozen. Naturally, we also see objects in front of the frosted screen as blurred. The graphical aspect of cryostasis is sufficient. The light and shadow effects of the production, which we usually take place in indoor and dark spaces, are successful. Also for users with Nvidia cards with physics support, the game allows Nvidia’s PhysX application.

Cryostasis, which has no online options other than a one-man scenario, is not a perfect production, but may be an ideal choice for those looking for a different alternative

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