Crew-1 Crew Who Set Record For Longest Time In Space Return To Earth After 6 Months


Four astronauts sent to the International Space Station on November 15, 2020 aboard The Crew Dragon spacecraft and serving on the 6-moon station made their return to earth this morning. On the return mission, everything went as planned.

SpaceX, which has written its name in space history more than once in recent years, sent four astronauts from multiple nations to the International Space Station (ISS) on November 15, 2020 with its Crew Dragon spacecraft and Falcon 9 rocket. Astronauts sent to the station on a mission called Crew-1 have broken the record for the longest stay in space in recent weeks, and have continued to add to it.

Exactly 6 months have passed since the start of the mission, and the astronauts have finally successfully returned to earth today. The return mission, normally set for 28 April, was postponed first to 30 April and then to 1 May due to weather conditions. NASA announced that the spacecraft would leave the station at 03:35 a.m. The return journey, which began at night, ended at 09:56 when the astronauts landed in the ocean inside the Resilience vehicle.


Return mission

The Crew Dragon Resilience spacecraft carrying Mike Hopkins, Victor Glover, Shannon Walker and Socki Noguchi, which was sent to the station in November, left the ISS at the scheduled time. Leaving the station at an altitude of about 418 kilometers, the astronauts began their 6-hour return journey. The spacecraft started its engines to enter Earth’s atmosphere at 09: 05 a.m.

Resilience, which had been running its engines for 16 minutes, entered orbit and came very close to landing. Entering the atmosphere smoothly, the vehicle began to cut its speed by opening two ‘drogue’ parachutes and four main parachutes at 09:54. At 09:58, Resilience made landfall in the ocean south of Panama City. Rescuers immediately headed for the vehicle.

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Rescuers have confirmed that the astronauts are in good condition, and the astronauts have now officially returned to Earth. SpaceX’s rescue ship, go Navigator, picked up the Resilience spacecraft from the ocean. Rescuers began opening the Hatch of the spacecraft taken on board, and the astronauts will be removed from the vehicle very soon.


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