Crackdown Review


With Grand Theft Auto becoming incredibly popular, we’ve seen a lot of games where free movement is at the forefront. But no similar game could replace the original, and GTA reached the order of legend, so to speak. Although there are many games close to each other, when you think about why a good project is addictive, there are certain criteria. A good game is actually a solid concept, with graphics, playability and Episode designs. Creating this concept and making a difference is also actually the most difficult thing. This requires talent as well as technology. David Jones, the real man behind GTA, is one of the most important names in the gaming world today with his achievements. David Jones, who revolutionized Intelligence games by designing lemmings in the 90s, had been working on Crackdown, where he would showcase his skills for some time after peaking with GTA.

The Horn crosses the ear

It is possible to interpret crackdown as GTA in cartoon visuals. We’re playing a cop with superpowers in a city where crime is skyrocketing. There’s a city divided into three, and we’re starting an operation from a police station. There’s a different kind of gang in every part of the city. Each gang consists of a powerful gang leader and subordinate leaders attached to it. All you have to do is clear the city of these bad guys. For this purpose, the path choices that you will follow are left to you. If you trust your abilities, you can go and kill the head of the gang instantly. But since such a way is quite risky and difficult, eliminating connected elements will reduce the power of the main boss. For example, eliminating the element responsible for the physical powers of vagrants can weaken the enemies you are fighting.

How to take a step?

Our game has some daunting width at the start. There are many features to develop and many enemies to eliminate. Our man has abilities such as flexibility, bomb handling, weapon effect, vehicle driving and physical strength. Every step you take in the game, we actually improve in some way from our features and become much different. By collecting green icons located on top of buildings, you can improve your jumping and flexibility, as well as your explosive yesilty by detonating them with a bomb. You can also participate in races or perform acrobatic movements against time and develop again. For those who start the game, we recommend that you improve the characteristics of your person during the first few hours. In addition, for a balanced policy of progress, my suggestion is to first eliminate a weak opponent, and then collect green and hidden Yesil blue icons in the cleared area.

Online experience

Crackdown uses the power of Xbox Live and offers online gaming. You can clean the city together with a friend you invite. As a Co-Op mode, you can ride vehicles and fight back-to-back with this feature. If you haven’t developed enough of your man’s features, it may bother you that the person who will participate has the maximum features. Your attempt to climb a pipe while it explodes all over may seem a little pathetic. And we expected there to be different game modes over the internet. But even this is a big innovation for such games.

The story of the city?

Crackdown’s curious point, which moves a little linearly with continuous action and platform features, is also its subject. Apart from the subject that is fully formed at the end of the game, it is necessary to evaluate the vision of the game. David Jones, above all, has fed topics such as anarchy and the police state very well into the game. Divided into three, the city moves from rural life to a cosmopolitan and skyscraper-filled structure. All these advances are actually escalating violence and crime, rather than the welfare level of society. Of course, it’s all vision and fiction. So the choice of cell-shading, also graphically, can be interpreted as a deliberate choice. As you can see, we see what lies beneath a game that looks like so much action when you think a little. This is a work of David Jones and the design that made the difference we mentioned above.

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