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counter strike source

It’s possible to say it all started because of a game. Yeah, just one game. I’m talking about”blood.”

As a matter of fact, the article you’re reading is very dangerous in terms of making its author, or me, a vizier or a disgrace. Wherever I start to write, he’s too prone to break off from the end and break into small pieces. Because I know that I live in a generation of blood, and the main target audience of the article is those who love this game. I also know that I breathe the same air as people who limit the game culture and universe in the computer world to “dust” or “aztec”, open an internet cafe just to make money from it, and also have nothing to do with the PC, even though he is a CS maniac. A lot of people know that I don’t like this game, and depending on the situation, I don’t like the one who loves it, and why; I can easily show that the same people regularly turn around in the same places for weeks or even years, and play it every day eagerly, as if they didn’t do anything different than what they did the day before. Personally, I’m bored after three or five games that I play for pleasure, and I’ve never been to internet cafes just to play it, and I’ve never installed CS on my computer. Even though all this time has passed, I don’t really envy those who don’t get tired of this game, because while they devote their lives to just one game, I have to follow the market and adapt to all the games. But what could be the finger of someone who hates Cs so much in this article? His answer is hidden to the right of these two dot marks: Source!!!

I got 3 out of 4, I’m coming, brother!

Indeed, it is impossible to believe that the word next to this exceptional punctuation mark adds to the game. Although all the maps we know remain the same in their general outline, the change in details takes you to a completely different land. As you navigate the map, you take into account more details than your enemies, and you fill your eyes in the face of Source in the face of the freedom to use them tactically(?). As you know, Source is the graphics software that Valve uses in Half-life2. Its combination with CS reveals emotions you never taste in the game. He’s trying to work with a level of work that will feed his regulars one hundred percent, and get an anti-CS like me among his own ranks. Considering what awaits us in HL2 in the face of such a trial, the limits of my patience are once again forced. However, we cannot ignore that systems are negatively affected by this in the face of what source adds to CS. Although there is not much loss of performance, the new graphics equipment makes itself somewhat obvious when playing the game over the internet. A 35-40 fps amount when connected to foreign servers with 1024KB ADSL can be called at a satisfactory level in terms of these graphic details and location. It is even possible to access one native server at this time.

Even if it has pros that cannot be compared to previous versions of CS, it also has a small minus with a limited number of maps compared to them. Although I can’t remember how many there were in CS and CS:CZ, and it’s already known that most of them weren’t played in intensity, those in Valve have gone on to protect their favorite maps from the previous series in their next-generation games. dust, dust2, office, havana, aztec are some of the 8 maps that appear in the game. My favorite part, italy, takes its place in the game in all its glory (good thing I don’t like CS!). Also, weapons have not added or reduced much above those in previous games. But the details have increased and they have taken on a much more realistic look. As soon as you touch the trigger, you completely notice the feeling that you have a gun in your hand, as well as the saturated timbres of the sounds coming out of bullets and empty casings, which are immediately obvious. Obviously, a lot of work has been done on the same models. As a simple example, I can mention that zoom weapons can show the location of the target in the binoculars. His constant interaction and brilliance are one word.

They’re ambushed under the bridge!!

We said that there are many details and innovations in graphics, especially we said that maps were created from the beginning; you also read words full of praise about CS from a man like me. And I’m sorry to say that the rest will come. If you want, let’s take a look at what this is all about. First, let me tell you that the atmosphere is great. No matter what section you open, it’s impossible not to notice the change in the first place. I haven’t been able to study all the maps in depth until now, but based on what I’ve seen, I can say that the biggest changes occur on dust maps. Dust from the sand has created a cloud near the ground to be able to observe its epic movement and pronounce that this is the case, although it saddens me for CS, it may be appropriate because it makes us think about what we will see in HL2. Broad-leaved trees and minarets placed around, plus colors are compatible with each other in an eye-caressing way. If I move to Aztec, we can say that the source has added new definitions to the appearance of rain and water. It is worth seeing the realistic rings formed in the water along with the smacking sound that occurs when you press the water. By the way, in previous games of CS, you will remember the boxes that were scattered across the maps. At source, the barrels usually stand out. The barrels and other small tools that can move, as if they were meant to show the beauty of the universe. Bullets, or if you hit them, act by giving reasonable reactions and create an infrastructure for tactical use.

Similarly, characters in the game wobble as they normally should when they take bullets and die, and fall right and left, if necessary, under the rules of physics. The rag-doll effects work successfully, and the texture of the blood coming out of your body when you’re hit, which creates a stain on the walls, also fuels the visuals. So now, thanks to the source, the bodies that hang in the air or pass through the walls will not spoil our eyesight. Let’s also talk about the fact that the monetary system in the game is protected in the same way. Already, the overall game has not been much of an addition, except for the Polish in the graphics and the effects of source in physics. But don’t be misunderstood, because even this has given the game a whole new breath. Everything comes to your screens as usual, just clean, detailed and beautiful graphics.

In addition, the bomb team is also available in the game with the same old models. More than just its effects, its visual aspects have been greatly improved. For example, a grenade that explodes near you does not only affect your health, but also shakes your ears. For a few seconds, your ability to hear disappears, and a high-pitched sound prevails. With the smoke bomb, your screen turns gray in a very different way than before, and I will be proud to point out the one in FarCry to tell you about the impact of the flash bomb. Of course, I got into the idea that the whole game was a Test board before HL2, but it’s possible to play the game. Because in some parts of the physics engine, its failures are too obvious. The backlash that occurs when you touch barrels and moving objects is very evident throughout the game. It could be a bug, it could be fixed; but, HL2, I’m sure it won’t come in this state.

CS: Source Wins!

CS has made me hate myself so far; but, thanks to source’s finger, the game can again become a home for internet cafes for at least 5 more years. With the number of servers gradually increasing, the taste of playing over the internet will also increase. There are a few small bugs, all of them will develop and improve with patches and versions that are likely to be on the market in the future, such as 1.1, 1.2. And I’ll get tired of cs again, that’s for sure. The look of the game is good, I liked it when the first one was released, but the game succumbed to time. Am I going to continue building bridges from the stones I cracked for HL2, acep?? Or should I build a clan in the new CS?

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