Counter-Strike 1.6 Review

counter-strike 1.6

Compared to other CS updates, this one really took longer, but it was worth it. Because the bugs in the game have been largely cleaned up. One of the most important of them, after returning to Windows, when we entered the game, the sound of the game could go or there could be some shifts on the screen, but now even if it is 1.6 Beta, these problems have been solved. In other CS versions, we had to write some commands to get full performance from the game, but this requirement has been changed in the new version, which allows you to get the best performance according to the power of your gaming machine.

One of the other innovations in the game is the details. Compared to other versions, these have also been increased. From the changes in the maps, the rain effect in assult is first noticeable. Another innovation is the level of detail in the guys and the guys ‘ movements. These are also very improved, and they give more realistic reactions when they are shot. As for weapons, 2 new weapons and equipment have been added to the game. These are in order;

Famas: Famas, which we know, has automatic and semi-automatic shooting modes; it can take a little while to get used to, but it works very well in close combat after getting used to it.

Galil: yes, I think the terrorists have the best weapon after kelesh, even better than kelesh in rushes, and 35 bullets is another plus for him. I think it’s the weapon that strikes the balance between terrorists and Counter-Terrorists.

Raven Shield: here’s the biggest advantage of the counters, I think, was$ 1100 in the first beta of SHIELD 1.6, but the producers realized that it was a very small amount of money for such a weapon, and they made$ 2200. But when you get it, you can only take pistols and bombs with you. But he sees a lot of our work on maps where there is plenty of open space.

New weapons added to the game, along with new additions, seem to make conflicts bloodier. Console in the game has also changed a lot and I think it has been very good, because if you need to type a command 2 times, you can save time by clicking on the shortcut path. In addition, you can now access the options menu more easily and quickly in the middle of the game. The purchase menus in the game have also been revamped. But when the full version of the game comes out, it is said that it will want a CD-KEY, that is, the original Half-Life, to play from the internet, in fact, even in this form, it wants some servers. To play the game right now, you have to download the Internet installer of a program called Steam (388MB). Then this program will install an 800 MB file on your computer, and then if you select Counter-Strike by clicking on the My Games icon in the program, you can enter the game after a short installation time. Currently, there are servers in Turkey, one of which is an easy game. It is said that the game will have its own bots, and it works with the add_bot_(t/ct) command, but I couldn’t run Anyway, as a result, I think it was a good update, or rather Beta, but I hope that after that we will see a new CS with everything in front of us. Good rushes.

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