Cooler Master SK622 Mechanical Mini Player Keyboard Review

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The SK622 is even smaller than the TKL models! We examine the SK622 mini mechanical player keyboard, which Cooler Master produces for lovers of minimalist and portable environmental components…

I’ve been looking for a minimalist and small keyboard for a long time. What I’m looking for is a keyboard with only the keys I really need. Even if I don’t have limited space on the table, visually it always satisfies me more. This quest led me to the Steelseries Apex 7 TKL model, which I have been using for some time. When I opened his box and saw Cooler Master’s Sk622, I said, this is it.

The problem is that such keyboards are not Turkish for some reason. I use the Apex 7 TKL, as well as The Cooler Master SK622. I am now setting and using the UK keyboard array keyboard from Windows settings, such as Turkish Q. I’m so used to this use that I can now extract letters and symbols that don’t write on the key from novelization.

If you are such a minimalist keyboard fan like me, keep watching in this video we will touch on all the details of The Cooler Master Sk622. You can also see product specifications on the official site.

What’s a 60% keyboard?

You can see that Cooler Master writes 60% on the box, which is used to indicate the size of this keyboard compared to normal, full-size keyboards. In fact, this keyboard contains only the most needed keys, which are called bare minimum in English.

This is such a small form factor that even the TKL, which we know as small, tenkeyless type keyboards remain large next to it.

Part of that is that we have fallen victim to this minimalism.

Personally, the home and end functions that I use most when writing text and code do not have physical keys. On this keyboard, you can use them by combining them with the Fn key.

Design and material

The brushed aluminum surface under the Keys was one of the points I really liked most about this keyboard. RGB lighting reflects very beautifully from here and creates a nice image. By applying laser cutting at the corners of this aluminum surface, the keyboard has its own unique appearance.

Mechanical, low profile switches

The keyboard we examined used TTC brand (Red) low profile linear mechanical switches. The travel distance of the Keys is not as long as on full-size keyboards, but despite this, the feeling of pressing is quite pleasant.

The middle of the keys used on the keyboard is dimpled so that it can grip your finger. This also has a great effect on the feeling of writing.


OK, the keyboard is low-profile and thin, but we are still not talking about the subtlety that we can call as attached to the table as the Logitech MX keys here. It’s as high as full-size keyboards, especially when you turn on the risers at the bottom. For this reason, to use the keyboard, you need to break your wrists and lift them up.

Whether wired or wireless

First, let me point out that this keyboard is a keyboard that has wired and wireless modes, it makes a wireless connection via Bluetooth 4.0, so you are not using any receiver.

To use Bluetooth,you move the key next to the keyboard to the up position, and then press the FN key with The Cooler Master logo and one of the Z, x, or C keys for 5 seconds and put the keyboard into bluetooth pairing mode. If you’ve noticed, these keys have the bluetooth logo on them and 1,2 and 3 under them. In this way, you can pair your keyboard with 3 different devices. To switch between these devices, just press the Fn key and then one of these keys.

When your keyboard enters match mode, the notification light on Caps Lock will start flashing blue quickly. After that, the keyboard will appear when you scan existing devices in the Add bluetooth device section on your computer. When you select it from the list and want to connect, you are asked to enter the pin code that appears on the screen on the keyboard. After you enter the Pin code, your keyboard connects smoothly.

Although Bluetooth in theory has some more delay and lower range than communication over 2.4 Ghz, in practice we didn’t see much difference. As long as we were a few meters away from the chassis, we got a low delay as if we were connected by cable.

If you want to charge, just use your keyboard in wired mode for a while. The notification light on Caps Lock is red when charging, and Yesil when the keyboard is fully charged.

The black braided cable that Cooler Master put in the box is 1.8 meters long, and this length is more than enough in our opinion.

Mac support

You can also use the sk622 smoothly with Apple devices that support a bluetooth keyboard. Even Cooler Master has even placed the Command key icon on the Alt key for this. All you have to do to use it in Apple is press Fn + Del to choose between W,shows, and Mac modes.

Keyboard lighting

cooler master

I found the keyboard’s key lighting quite successful. As you would expect from a mechanical keyboard at this price, the lighting of the keys can be changed individually, not regionally.

Moreover, you do not need any application to control the key lighting. You can do this with key combinations on the keyboard. This is one of the parts that makes the keyboard ideal for use in operating systems such as iOS, Android, macOS. Because Cooler Master’s application called MasterPlus only works on Windows.

With this application, you can set key lighting, sleep mode, and macro features.

When we look at Lighting templates, we see 10 templates. You can make this lighting a completely fixed single color, as well as customize the direction and speed of ready-made templates.

In addition to the keys, there is an RGB strip surrounding all the edges of the keyboard. This strip also works in sync with the keyboard’s lighting.

Outcome Assessment

Cooler Master, which appeals not only to those who have limited space on their desk with the sk622, but also to those who like a small, lightweight and portable environmental component, has made a special keyboard for those who want to get rid of the cable mess on the desktop, making it possible to use wired and wireless. We liked the pressing feel of the linear keys inside, and the brushed aluminum surface under the Keys was a nice touch.

As a result, such products are very niche, that is, they appeal to a narrow segment. But it appeals to this segment so well that it offers features that are perfect for these people. Considering the variety of keyboards, this is actually a very good situation. A user whose space is narrow, using three computers simultaneously, who will switch between Mac/PC and different operating systems, will be very satisfied. It measures 293 x 103 x 30.28 mm and 446 grams.

Although the English key sequence is the biggest minus, we have seen in the past that the Turkish keyboard models, which are very popular, also come. Like any company, Cooler Master will look at its sales at the end of the day and use it to evaluate the success of the model. Currently, the only important difference between models with an English key sequence in our country is that they come with a large Enter key, not a small one. For some users, this means the main difference between getting or not getting.

In our opinion, the mini mechanical monster, which we also use in the title, certainly deserves the phrase. Cooler Master says 60 percent keyboard to describe this model, a phrase that emphasizes its dimensions.The press of the keys, the sound, the light, this is a very good model of the SK622. Tenkeyless, so those who are looking for a small keyboard from Tk should definitely try it.

Good Features:
Luxury of using wireless and wired.
Nice pressing feel, linear mechanical switches (TTC red)
Switch quickly between different bluetooth devices
Simple and stylish design
Customizable RGB lighting
Macro support

Bad Features:
If the keyboard is used for a long time with the legs open, it can cause pain because there is no bracelet.
Only UK language available.
Wired with each type-C cable does not work, protect your own cable.


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