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Constantine is the protagonist of Hellblazer from the Vertigo series released by DC Comics. His film came out in the middle of last month, and now we’re with his game. Starring Keanu Reeves. “John Constantine, a private investigator living in Los Angeles, is someone who has gone to Hell and returned. For this reason, he has an undeniable ability to solve supernatural events. His partner, Police Officer Angela Dodson, does not believe in anything abstract. When his sister commits suicide, he will have to work with Constantine, whether he wants to or not, to figure out the mysterious connections involved. As in every American movie, they have to solve the hellish creatures and demons that live under Los Angeles.

There’s an honor to do it in a horror game

When I call it a horror game, I think of The Silent Hill series. I’ve never been bored playing any of them. Especially the third one. The taste it left in my mouth was so good that I finished it over and over again at various levels of difficulty. And thanks to this series, I’m very fond of horror games. Alone In The Dark, Undying… I played them all with separate pleasure. Although Blair Witch wasn’t exactly what I wanted, she handled me for a while. And because I love horror games to such an extent, I took as many of the ones that came out as possible and played. In Constantine, it was a game I expected because of its peculiarity. I immediately started playing Constantine, which came out in two versions as a CD and DVD.

I started the game right after a few minutes of setup. We start with the producers ‘ standard animations. I usually watch these animations when I first install the game. It can be very interesting sometimes. As a matter of fact, I started watching the animations of the companies that contributed to the production without pressing any buttons at this time. SCI, Vertigo, and Warner Bros Animation. Although I knew this before, animation still excites me. It makes me think the game will be quality. After that, the game is in front of us.

In Nomine Patris Et Filii Et Spiritus Sancti

When we start, we encounter a demo that is more pleasant than I have seen in a long time. Although there are fingers like wood, the animation part is well done. Keanu Reeves in particular is well modelled. We find ourselves in the game with an Exorcist-like Exorcist scene. Immediately after the demo, we are faced with the game.

And then we start the game. The first thing we have to do is use the water to travel between hell and Earth. There are not many interactive factors that we can use around us. The story always takes you somewhere. Information messages on the screen tell you how to control the game and what to look for. It sounds good when first heard. Because it feels like an easy-to-play, comfortable-to-progress game. Although everything has been fine until now, after that, things are starting to get out of hand.

I wish I had 2 more hands

It’s not easy to learn the controls at first. There’s a lot of key combinations. However, somehow it is even harder to change. Although there is a setting section for key configurations, I couldn’t adjust it the way I wanted. The use of the first Settings is also so inadequate that it will be very uncomfortable, especially for left-handers like me. Anyway, although it was a little difficult, after a while I started getting used to the settings. As I moved forward, I used the WASD combination and adjusted my direction with the mouse until the creatures appeared in front of me. And then he drops the mouse to point my gun at them and looks at the creatures with the direction keys. Then I was shooting with the Left Mouse Button. Funny, isn’t it? They thought about this difficulty, where they could not assign keys to any task such as jumping, jumping. Just go to the front of the place where you will climb and push it forward, or you can jump over a well that comes across you without pressing any extra keys. It is just press the forward key.

What do you need more guns for? They all kill

We don’t have a lot of weapons in Constantin. We attack creatures with pistols or holy water bombs, which we usually find here and there. Although it is difficult to hit at the first stage, after a while you learn to use your spells. Holly Bolt’s magic seems to be indispensable in busy environments.

Although the graphics are playing on the GForce 5200 graphics card, it was quite effective. You know, when we look at our ekraf on hot days, we see a mist. In warm conditions, we see ourselves in the same way. And when it rains, the water droplets that stick to the screen are impressive. I also have a word or two about creatures. Our enemies in the game are, naturally, almost identical to the monsters we watch in the movie. The one that flies and the one that escapes are very similar to the creatures we see in the film, and it can be said to be well modeled. But is it because the producers want to avoid dealing with artificial intelligence in their games or something like that, they do nothing but come at us like zombies. This is too funny! Apart from that, the roads are moving steadily as there is nothing to investigate too much in the game. There’s no alternative you can do but go wherever it takes you, leaving you with no alternative. It’s not very nice that it’s too linear.

Sounds don’t bring much new. Standard creature screams. People screaming in the back… And I’d say the music fascinates the first time you hear it. But be careful, I said,” as soon as you first heard.” Because the producers must have loved the first part so much, as if the loop in a flash game continues unchanged throughout the episode. After a while, the music that affected me started to make me sick.

Constantine, it’s a mid-level game. Full Spectrum Warrior, Warhammer, such as games, one of the companies that game lovers care about THQ, this time full tutturamamadım. If you’re not too addicted to this genre, it’s been a game where you don’t have to take it and play it too much.

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