Commandos 3: Destination Berlin Review

Commandos 3: Destination Berlin

It’s The Last tango we’ll do with the commandos now. Previously announced that this will be the last game in the Commandos series, Commandos 3 Destination Berlin has been released. I don’t know why, but for some reason I’m waiting for some changes that will create a special or bomb effect on the market from the latest games of this type of hit series. But unfortunately, I couldn’t find it at Commandos 3 Destination Berlin or Championship Manager season 03/04. From that point of view, it was kind of a disappointment for me in those two games.

But if we look at the other side of the coin, I think Commandos 3 did not waste the expectations of fanatics and strategy lovers and proved in a short time that it is at least as beautiful and high-quality a game as the latter.

As soon as the game came out, the first criticism made by computer players was that Commandos 3 was a very difficult game. If viewed objectively, this may be true, but I do not find this judgment so correct. As for the reason, I think it was a conclusion I first drew when I listened to the comments of those who interpreted the game as difficult. In Commandos 1 and 2, the player was fixed to only one path about what to do, which path to follow. All the players I knew around me as “good commandos players” were three or five up the same, so there was only one way that could be used to get the result. But Commandos 3 gives us the opposite image. In Commandos 3, you are completely free on your way to completing the mission. As such, the computer player has the option of crossing an overpass on the highway to finish the game, or rather the episode, while trying to cross directly over the road, and the result of this, unfortunately, is almost always disappointing.

I am a fan that this feature of the game should be carefully tilted. Don’t get me wrong, but there are some games, and everyone, including me, plays these games in a way that we can call rude and stupid. As an example, FPS are such games. You take the gun in your hand (I think we don’t play multiplayer) and you dive into the room without thinking about how many people are behind the wall and mow down the guys, so the game gives you what you want. You finish the game in a short time without thinking, discharge and enjoy the visual feast while tasting the sense of success.So, how are these types of strategy games, especially Commandos 3? You determine tactics, and accordingly, step by step, you patiently eliminate enemies and reach the goal. If you ask me, two types of games have their own beauty and taste. But in Commandos 3, there is a feature that I both appreciate and find extremely wrong because of its exaggeration, and it is this: a lot of choices have been put in front of you. The choice is yours and you are free to achieve the result. It’s perfect in that respect. But then there’s the other side of the coin. The expectation of me and all of us from a game is to have fun. But the fact that the game was exaggerated in this format left people with the impression that the game was very difficult. Because the producer company missed something very important. It’s a computer game, not chess. That’s why the game has given it a kind of pumpkin flavor, and my impression is that people who don’t have Commandos get tired of the game after a while and throw the game aside.

In addition, some innovations have been introduced to the game in terms of keys. For example, when you press F5, they glow Crimson so that you can see the surrounding enemies. So when you die on a man you don’t see because he’s 3-D, at least you don’t have a chance to curse the game. And when you press F7, the items you can get in the game shine, and it was very good that this feature joined the game. And then a very good job was done by removing the disconnect between the episodes. Now the sections are connected. In addition, the added deatmatch mode seemed interesting to me, and I don’t believe it’s right to express an opinion about it at the moment, because this mode may seem a little strange to people who are more used to fps deatmatches.

The graphics are the same as Commandos 2. Only minor differences were made. So the graphics are good when we look at it in general, but it’s bad when we compare it with Commandos 2. The effects are much better done than Commandos 2, which I think closes the handicap on the chart and makes it unnoticed. Playability varies from person to person. But for someone who starts first, it’s not too obvious. And the music is a masterpiece of art. In other words, the music has literally coordinated the game, and it brings it to the gas out of nowhere.

As a result, Comandos 3 Destination Berlin is a normal game. When I was asked about Commandos 2, I was telling everyone to take it, play it and finish it, because it came with great innovations. But I can’t share the same ideas for Commandos 3. Commandos fans should definitely take and play, but it may not sound very fun if you don’t have much to do with strategy games. I can guarantee you that if you get this game, you can have a lot of fun according to your taste in the game, or you can throw the game in the trash in the third minute. From that point of view, if you ask me, think twice before you take this game.

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