Combat Mission: Barbarossa To Berlin Review

Combat Mission: Barbarossa To Berlin

The whole course of the Second World War changed completely when Hitler began to invade Russia on June 22, 1941, that is, exactly one day before the anniversary of Napoleon’s invasion of Russia in 1812. Although the end of the occupation did not come as soon as Napoleon’s invasion, this operation was the beginning of a devastating end for Hitler, just like Napoleon. As the name suggests in our game Combat mission, it is about a wide area from the Barbarossa front to Berlin.

June 23, 1812: Napoleon invades Russia

The type of game is strategy, but it’s a little different than the strategies we know. It’s not like Red Alert or Age of Empires. I’ll address that in a minute. The menu of our game starts a new game with a fairly simple Start Game, you can prepare and play your own scenarios with Scenario Editor, and you can spend fun times with your friends from the Multiplayer menu. In Start Game, the game is divided into two parts. One of them is Battles. If you want to play battles, you’re given a mission and you’re playing. Operations is the main event. Although there are 10 missions in operations and 39 missions in battles, you get a real taste of the game in the Operations section. Before starting the game, you choose your task. Then, in the Sceranio briefing, you are given information about your mission, choose one of the Axis or allied sides, make some adjustments to the game (such as Fog of War), and then choose the game type ( 1 Player, TCP/IP ). Finally, the Command Briefing screen gives information about the unity you manage. This information consists of information about tanks, infantry, and weapons in your unit. After this screen, our mission loads and we start the game.

The game screen will be quite different to a classic RA or AoE player. Because Combat Mission is a Wargame-style game. So you don’t build your base, gather resources, raid men and tanks, and attack the enemy. Everything is given to you in advance, and you try to defeat the enemy with what you have. Your own army and the morale of the opposition on the game screen, air temperature, save a small map ( which I think very unnecessary ) to any unit that gives information about your unit that clicking on a window, zoom in, zoom out, and most importantly, the ‘Go’ button. I’ll tell you why we said ‘Go’ most importantly. Click the right mouse button to give orders to your troops, and a window appears, which consists of simple orders such as walk, run, shoot, bend. When we select one of them and click anywhere on the map and click go, our man is ready to take the action we choose. This applies to all our units. After giving each unit the order we want and taking our position, we click on the ‘Go’ button. At this time, he sets up his own units on the computer, and the war begins. Every time we click on Go, it comes out at the bottom right for 60 seconds, and within 60 seconds, our units are moving and fighting. When 60 seconds are up, the game stops again, and we are again trying to create new tactics and strategies based on our position on the battlefield. I assume you understand the big difference between a simple Red Alert mission and a Combat Mission Mission.

June 22, 1941: German armies cross the Bug River and the Russian border

The most important of the controls is mouse, as in every strategy game. With the left click, our unit becomes selected, with the right click, we can give orders to this unit. I also don’t understand how we can have a video card to play Combat Mission. Although I tried every resolution on the GeForce 2 64 MB graphics card, the images turned out to be pretty bad. Come on, anyway, can the damage caused by the ball coming out of the big T34 on a Tiger during the Battle be zero as an image ? I didn’t see a single bullet or ball throughout the game. Bullets are either ghosts or have technology faster than the speed of light. And the soldiers are moving, so don’t ask. I think all the soldiers are physically disabled. Each of them seems to be walking on their fingertips. It’s so slow that you can take a meal break for a snack at this time, which when you get back don’t be surprised if the soldiers are still walking or trying to walk. One of the cons in the game is that there is a track that plays only in the main menu for about a minute, and then we can’t hear any music. But the sounds in the game are pretty good. Rain, wind and ball sounds ( although I can’t see the balls ) are quite beautifully made. He’s good at Soldier talk.

In the game, you choose one of the Axis and allied sides and fight. According to the front of the war, sometimes we lead the German SS ( Schutz Staffel – Protection Team), sometimes an Italian unit. I especially liked seeing the SS in a game at the end. If we examine the game from a Multiplayer direction, we will come across a feature that I have seen for the first time. He also plays via email. I haven’t tried it yet, but it sounds different. Other multiplayer modes are tasks that can be played over the LAN and Internet that we are used to.

Combat Mission: Barbarossa To Berlin is a very interesting game. Both with its gameplay style and its cons and pros. If you are a classic RA player and want to take CM because it is also a strategy game, I say think Well first. Although I was interested in the Second World War, I couldn’t stand the game much. I wanted to delete it from my computer, but I think it will stay for a while because there is no Uninstall option 🙂 if it was done in the campaign mode that we are used to, I think it could even rival Sudden Strike. But if you like wargame-type games, I say don’t miss it. What’s another 49 wargame scenarios?

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