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clive barker's jericho

The name Clive Barker is already well known from books and horror stories. But he was thoroughly heard Undying in the gaming world. Undying still has the kind of tension and atmosphere that will bite most games. How many years have it been since it came out, but it can still be reinstalled and played on the PC. The biggest reason for this was the game mechanics and the tense environment it offered. He even tried to make many imitations behind his back. But despite this excellent classic quality, unfortunately it did not make the desired sale. EA Games also stated that the continuation of the game would not come. But the end of Undying was open. For years, we’ve been waiting for a new project where Clive Barker has thrown his hand at the master. At one point, Demonik was announced, but he canceled it. So our enthusiasm remained. But after a while, Jericho was exposed, and we were put on hold like wolves.

Mystic city ” Jericho”

Before moving on to the game, let’s talk about the city of Jericho, where the production went through and the script was the subject. According to the Torah, Jericho is considered the first settlement in the world. As for its history, m.It goes back to 9000 years. But the reason why the city is so famous and spoken is because its walls were cursed by the Jews and captured the city. The Jews, together with Aron Aberit (the sacred chest in which the 10 Commandments were located), traveled around the city for 7 days. Eventually, the walls fall down and the Jews take over the city. The other highlight of Jericho is its walls. According to estimates, the city had walls 600 meters long, 1.8 meters wide and 4 meters high. The city is currently still in use. But the fact that it is still used today in the game and is a modern settlement is missed. Instead, Jericho becomes a legend and suddenly appears. Our character finds himself having nightmares when he goes out in the desert with a boy. He wakes up with a phone call in a sweaty state, and the situation is reported. Supernatural signals are received from the city, and we, along with our team that studies such events, set out to investigate the city, and the adventure begins. At the beginning of the game, when we go in a helicopter with our teammates, we give information to our friends by looking at a notebook about the city and the incident. After getting off the helicopter and moving forward for a while, the first creatures appear.

Jericho was written and drawn a lot about him before he left. It was said that it would be scary, it would offer an experience like Undying. But I also need to point out this right away. In Jericho, unfortunately, there is no such tense atmosphere or style of play as in undying. Instead, it was an action-packed production. I couldn’t see that throughout the game in Jericho, as I remembered the style he offered as I thought about Undying. In general, as in a normal action game, our overall goal is to kill and advance the creatures we encounter.

Change the Model use your energy

Apart from constantly killing creatures, there are two factors that try to destroy this mediocrity. One of them is being able to use other characters in the team and obstacles that sometimes come up. The character we lead is the head of the team. But we can make changes between our men. We can take their place and check it out or give them orders. But you have the benefit of my saying so. This exchange between characters is hardly necessary. Because even with a single character, the game can be finished very easily from start to finish. In other words, character transitions give the impression that they are a little unnecessary on this basis. But sometimes we have to move on to another character. And we’re doing this to get past the obstacles that stand in front of us. There are a number of traps or obstacles that we have to use every character and cross. Obstacles usually consist of familiar things such as opening a door from the other side, opening a road blocked by stones. At times, interesting gameplay can manifest itself. From Tomb Raider Legend and Resident Evil 4, if you remember, there were places that looked like in-game cinematic, but we passed by pressing the right button at the right time. Same goes for Jericho.

Sometimes we can be attacked by a creature or fall from somewhere. While this is happening, we try to save our character by pressing the right button at the right time in real time. This part is one of the most beautiful features in the game. But although the correct key-pressing scenes, mandatory or non-mandatory character changes, and obstacles disrupt mediocrity at first, after a while, everything begins to repeat each other. Actually, the biggest problem with the production is that it repeats itself a lot. From these episodes to what we do, it shows that the game becomes thoroughly linear at this point.

On top of these, when the lack of artificial intelligence is added, they are all completed. Unfortunately, the enemy AI in the game is not good. There are enemies who go no further than attacking from the outside with spells or coming and hitting us quickly. Most of them hunt like partridges. Obviously, the difficulty level change doesn’t affect either. I personally liked the AI of our teammates a lot more than the enemies. Sometimes, even though they’re stuck somewhere or stupid, they don’t act like enemies. They have the ability to stand right and left and shoot. They usually follow our orders. But as I mentioned earlier, interestingly, sometimes there are situations where they hang out somewhere. In this case, it may be necessary to move to the stuck character and get him out of there. In Jericho, the characters have various powers. The weapons and methods they all use are different. For example, one of our men can push back obstacles or enemies with his push power. Another is able to steal the life energies of enemies. Spells also make a good visual presentation.

Very embellished

The graphics of the game are not very good, but from a visual point of view, the effects are very good, so al benisi is high. The coatings are not very high quality, but although the environmental detail is not very interesting, sometimes you can stop and examine the sections. The effects make the game beautiful visually. But my favorite part about Jericho is the modeling of our competitors. Enemies are visually well matched. Clive Barker has already intervened directly in relation to the modelling in the making of the game. This situation is manifesting itself. Our teammates are also good at modeling, but they are more focused on enemies. It seemed to me. In addition, the spells performed are considered good visually. But after seeing the new games, I personally couldn’t find a very superior aspect in the graphics, except for these.

In terms of sound, the game offers what is desired. It’s more obvious from the sound on the menu. It’s already much more disturbing when combined with the visuals on the menu. Background sounds are good. In this way, the feeling of fear can be understood in the sounds. He’s good at vocalizations. But the tense atmosphere in the sound unfortunately deteriorates due to the fact that the overall gameplay of the game shifts to action.

In the game, the loading screen will unfortunately come across in abundance, in some ways this can be boring. Singleplayer is finished once, but I couldn’t find much appeal to play again. On top of these, there is no Multiplayer in the game. It doesn’t matter if there are no online encounters. At least a person puts in a Co-op or something, so that a person can play the scenario with their friends or something like that. There is a team in the middle, but no Co-op. If it were, it would be re-playability and an excellent feature. If there was also an editor, it would offer a great experience as a Co-op with different modes.

Clive Barker’s new play. There was potential, but they couldn’t use it. It’s the most annoying part that he over-repeats himself after a while. He has no evil in terms of graphics and sound, and if he had a Co-op and editor, he certainly wouldn’t have eaten it in taste. But they’ve wasted the potential. Once the game is finished in this form, it takes its place on the dusty shelf. For Clive Barker’s sake, I’d say it should be played once to see the modeling of creatures, to freak out with sounds, to reveal the secret of Jericho. Spoilers maybe, but the end of the game is one of the weakest and dimmer game endings I’ve ever seen in my life.

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