Chulip (チュウリップ), adapted as Chu♥lip, is an experience/recreation computer game created by Punchline and delivered on October 3, 2002 in Japan by Victor Interactive Software for the PlayStation 2 (PS2) computer game comfort.

After various deferrals, the game was delivered in North America by Natsume on February 13, 2007 as a GameStop-selective title. Chulip was delivered on the PlayStation Network as a “PS2 Classic” on December 4, 2012, solely in North America.

Chulip places the major part in the job of a young fellow who has quite recently moved to another town and nearby to the young lady he had always wanted. Despite the fact that she needs nothing to do with him because of his family’s poor monetary status, he chooses to think of her a genuine love letter. At the point when the letter is taken, it is dependent upon the hero to go around the town and recover the entirety of its pieces. The interactivity of Chulip rotates around improving the player’s standing with the residents to get to all pieces of the town. To do this, the player should dazzle every individual from the local area and afterward kiss them.

Chulip was coordinated by Yoshirou Kimura, a previous worker of Love-de-Lic. Kimura needed the game’s attention to be on kissing openly, a more Western-acknowledged custom, inside a Japanese setting. Chulip endured terrible deals, while its by and large basic gathering has been negative to average. Most surveys refered to the game’s eccentricity and appeal as its solid focuses yet reprimanded its monotonous ongoing interaction mechanics.

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