Chaos Legion Review

Chaos Legion

Let’s go straight into the article. I got the DVD in my hand, I plugged it into the PS2, and my first impression was, “Did I get the Devil May Cry expansion pack or something?”

All my friends who first saw the game said the same thing. Indeed, whatever Devil May Cry created was designed to go down that path in the Chaos Legion.

First, I want to make comparisons. First of all, the game’s graphics, background design, and introduction sequences certainly can’t compete with Devil May Cry. First, all the places are almost identical. No matter how far you go, it’s hard to remember what part you’re in without looking at your records. And there are creatures, one new creature comes in every three episodes, which is good, otherwise we would be constantly killing the same creatures. As a voice, unfortunately, Devil May Cry is one step ahead.

It’s almost like they’re equals as characters, but Victor (our character in this game) is overshadowed by Dante (Devil May Cry’s incredible Devil/Human break). I’m afraid they missed the character narratives a little bit in the demos. It doesn’t look like this is going to happen, does it? Being in the shadow of a game is a disaster. All right, then let’s examine it alone and rethink it.

The graphics are pretty good. Especially the skins of the environment, the images of the characters are very beautiful. It would be even better if the same coatings were not used in almost every episode. Apart from that, the effects during the fights, the places that are obviously being worked on to create a gothic air, are very nice. If you can get out of the environment while walking around, you bet you’re walking around in one of the environments of the ancient era.

And the voices. The sounds are beautiful, understated, but not plain. That is, the sound of a sword can be exaggerated as desired. But if every sword blow sounds the same, but I hit different places, it’s weird. Different sounds come out in different places in this game, that’s nice. But every creature sounds the same. So after a while, you feel like you’re playing Street Fighter. Am I too cruel? May be.

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Fortunately, the controls are comfortable. It’s what we’re used to with Devil May Cry. Although maybe it could have been a little more at hand, everything, but it can be called neat enough. In fact, I gave up, my brother, why did these controls stay away from each other? Do you put the keys close to consecutive moves or not annoy the player contacts?

What are our enemies?
1. Spiders that seem to have undergone metamorphosis and become thoroughly stuck in technology
2. Roly-poly spinners she makes a pathetic creature
3. Cloaked scissor-handed creatures called “Slasher ” that we know from Silent Hill 3
4. Even more animals of bison
5. Caterpillars that can shoot from their navel while standing
6. Giant and sullen people

I can say that. Of course, these are my analogies, but when you play, you will agree with me.

Let’s move on to the most beautiful talent that the game gets from Devil May Cry; talent development and talent acquisition.

As you gain experience, you use your experience points to get tons of material. Sample? For example, supporting characters. For example, classes of auxiliary characters. For example, weapons for supporting characters. I also suggest that those who are interested in supporting characters look at the name of the game. We have Legionnaires who appear with” L1″. Of course, you have to manage them. With” O”, you can allow them to attack enemies of a certain diameter. So they can fight people while you’re dealing with something right and left.

That’s the only outstanding feature from Devil May Cry. And in some episodes, we play the lovely Miss Arcia, who comes from our blood. Although a person should not introduce such cute beings into these games, a person cannot concentrate on the game. Shame, I mean.

Frankly, I’d like Capcom to improve a little more, not just add to the genre of a game that has kept it. But let me tell you this, you shouldn’t read this page as a playwright maligned by a spoiled writer. “He liked it so much that the game, the missing sides and the shadow of the game he exemplified were so conspicuous”. The game is really beautiful, but the person wants productions that can maintain the quality at hand, he wants a little higher quality. By quality, I’d rather talk about the dress than the sewing. If “Legion Of Chaos 2” comes from this fabric, it will overthrow the mountains, as far as I’m concerned. But let’s not forget that compulsion comes from vinegar to Salt. So let’s hope they do it without pushing.

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And result;

Definitely take it and play. A little acclimatization phase, a little boredom, and the level of action is very high. Instead of feeding money to ridiculous games, spend time with this game that saves its infrastructure from a game that is taken. Recommended…

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