Capcom Classics Collection Remixed Review

Capcom Classics Collection Remixed

On the dusty shelves of old bookcases, or in a wheelbarrow of an antiquarian, we come across technological toys of the past. Machines and games that we once looked at as our most valuable asset, but now fall into the flea market. Before we could get over the shock of technology and rapid progress, we hit them in a blow; in their new kingdom in the remotest and dusty corner of the house.

Games that most of us have even forgotten their name or are even news of the existence of a new generation have started to reappear on PSP. Games that are renewed and packaged with compilations brought together by companies whose history dates back to the past come to life again. One of those old firms is Capcom. The firm, whose foundation dates back to 1979, combines quality and classic arcade productions of the time in the Capcom Classics Collection remixed. In the compilation, there are even games that you probably can’t hear, such as Street Fighter II. I think this example shows enough to what extent it went down to the roots. 1941, Avengers, Bionic Commando, Black Tiger, Block Block, Captain Commando, Final Fight, Forgotten Worlds, Last Duel, Legendary Wings, Magic Sword, Mega Twins, Quiz & Dragons, Section Z, Side Arms, the Speed Rumbler, Street Fighter, Strider, Three Wonders and finally Varth.

Once Upon a time…

When we look at the list, especially if you are one of the former players, a few names will be familiar to you. As you navigate through the menu where the games are already located, the right side of them immediately shows in-game images. When you see most of the games you forget in these mini-videos, you even remember that you actually played them. As you play these games, you are rewarded with bonuses such as locked information, concept drawings and music. The games are really well emulated. However, the original image features were also preserved and transferred to PSP. But PSP’s Wide Screen display often doesn’t match the image ratios of older games. For this reason, it is possible to change and expand the aspect ratio with the Select button. However, sometimes parts of the game that show the score can go off the screen when the aspect ratio is expanded.

In games with a longitudinal screen, such as 1941, we can use the screen vertically, going beyond the standards of the PSP. Of course, in this case, it is indisputable that it is a strange feeling to hold the PSP upright! However, this was the most creative solution. Another notable feature in the production is Multiplayer support. As soon as the game opens, it focuses on this feature. Key name Wireless button in multiplayer. Because whether you’re in the menu or playing the game, your friends can join the game as soon as you turn the Wireless button on and leave the game at any time. And you’re not affected by it in any way.

The graphics and sounds smell like the technology of the time. In any case, our goal is not technology, but nostalgia. In this regard, the games have original sound and graphics features when we approach. A considerable level of classic, collected in one package made a very beautiful compilation. Especially for those who have tasted these games in the past, this is a unique opportunity. Remixed Capcom Classics Collection, a production that must be present in your collection in terms of archiving, even if it is not to play. It is announced to those who want to remember the past.

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