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call of duty

Before I write the play, I want to give you some preliminary information. Infinity Ward, the game’s producer, is a former executive producer of Medal of Honor: Allied Assault. In fact, just knowing that will be enough to take the game, but this time they have prepared a game that will overshadow even Moh. I’d really say it’s one of the most enjoyable FPS I’ve ever played. A game like Call Of Duty came across when its perfect atmosphere was supported by such excellent sounds and graphics. Anyway, there’s no point in telling everything at once. Or we’d be done writing in a paragraph, wouldn’t we ? Obviously CoD is not a game that deserves it. So I want to go into details right away.

Warriors of the World United ( Manowar )

The first thing that catches our eye when we enter the game will be the perfection of the modeling and effects, in short, all the graphics. CoD, which is really prepared with a very high-quality engine, is the best among what I have seen to this day. A modeling system was used that you could see up to the influx of the enemy’s eyes. In addition, the movements of the soldiers around and their adaptation to environmental conditions( i.e., despite the wall in front of it, your soldier does not continue to run and can hide in a trench or behind anything around it when under intense fire. Of course, it was used in the game in a new system that allows you to make these movements(Ares).) it has become really appreciated. Although the graphics are so good, it can even work on a slightly below average machine. I mean, feel free to buy it.

The first thing you’ll notice a little later will be realism and harmony in the sounds. It’s obvious that a lot of work has been done on it as an element to complement the atmosphere. Of course, after such beautiful sound and graphics, I don’t need to mention the atmosphere of the game. I’d say it’s the only game that can really make me feel on the battlefield. After a while, you become so identified with the game that suddenly your nationalist feelings swell. You’re even upset that the men next to you are being shot. Of course, after a while, this passes, because for some reason your men have fun dying all the time. I’m not complaining about artificial intelligence, but they can be very hasty. Actually, it’s not that I haven’t had a few more events that upset me, but I’ll talk about them later.


I started the article a little wrong. Actually, I’d tell you about the specifications at the end of the article. Well this time you get. Call of Duty comes with 26 different tasks in four separate episodes. You can also play American, British or Russian soldiers in many famous battles. Among the missions, I think the most enjoyable is that you sabotage specific targets. Of course, it varies from person to person. There are also different degrees of difficulty in the game. Easy, you don’t have much of a problem because every man you kill has all the ammunition you need, such as a bag and bullets, but if you want to enjoy real combat, I recommend the most difficult level. Because every bullet has a value, you can’t hold it down and squeeze it like that. Hitting a man by holding him down becomes impossible when your sight, which is usually the same as a man, hits the ceiling. Especially shooting a guy who runs a little far away is a job that requires a lot of talent and patience. Usually,you try to finish off the enemy in one shot with the eye,sight, shallot technique. And it’s like they put the guys next to you for show. You usually do all the work. If you don’t extend the head and shoot two, they won’t shoot any men. No, I wonder how they can’t empty an entire clip on the enemy. Sometimes they can really help (for example, when someone uses you as a target board, you can hide behind them.:)

I noticed something in the game. As your men move very tactically, you move in the middle of the road or without cover, in contrast to this image. It can cause really strange images. And an important issue: I can usually say that artificial intelligence is very good. Except they’re deaf. Even though you shoot your friends ten feet away, the guys are still busy with what they’re doing and can pretend that you’re not there. But I’d say they’re smart enough to escape a bomb you dropped. Like in other games, they don’t expect to die on a bomb. When you throw them into a building, they run out as if they were very reasonable, and you finish them off. In another thing that caught my eye, they usually do what they did in the old game. I’m not exaggerating, I’ve seen the same guy fly almost ten times at the same point.

A man you killed went to him to get his gun and F (I couldn’t remember exactly, it’s definitely wrong.). Of course, when you buy this gun, you have to throw the gun in your hand. In general, the weapons are prepared in accordance with their reality. I mean, when you kill a German, whatever weapons the Germans used in that war, that gun falls from him. Of course, I think it’s unnecessary to say that there’s a lot of difference between weapons, usually you can shoot down all the soldiers in no more than 2 bullets. You really aren’t like that already. I guarantee you that you will not encounter frames in this game where more than half of its energy goes when you empty a clip to such a person. Despite this, you are not easily eaten and swallowed unless you eat it in your head.

In The End(Linkin Park)

CoD is such a game. Apart from a few glitches in artificial intelligence( which usually have a really good artificial intelligence), I didn’t find many mistakes that I could see in the game. In our opinion, it is a game that has already guaranteed its place among the classics. For me, CoD is a game that should be bought and played even if you are someone who doesn’t like FPS just to not say that I didn’t play. I’m sure no one will make such a mistake.

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