Call Of Duty 3 Review

Call Of Duty 3

I looked at the monitor for a while to see how I could enter the article. Actually “2. “I said I could go in, I gave up. No, I’m back in the same spot again. At this point in my acting life, the FPS genre has a lot of weight. The FPS I play are also separated among themselves. But the cluster with the most members is 2. World War One. One 2 from each player’s hand. World War II construction We became snipers, killed men from afar. We used tanks, carried out mass executions. We participated in the Normandy invasion, fought in Stalingrad, etc… we also experienced many historical events digitally. 2, though. During World War II, many types of games appeared, from strategy to simulation to TPS, not just FPS. Some were successful, replaced by a classic, others remained on dusty shelves.

Third round

Actually, my favorite series was Brother in Arms. It was quite nice to have tactics and Strategy done. But my favorite part was that his sentimentality outweighed his side. The first and second of the game really impressed me. Call of Duty was flatter than Brother in arms. But his excellent action and those fiery parts of the battle fed the player pretty well. That was one of the reasons he was already successful. My first meeting with Cod was actually with a 160 MB video offered for the game. Gameplay, graphics, sounds, everything was clearly processed in the video. The screenshots, the information presented, hit us in the heart by the producers. The original production was played, and we got close with a nice additional task package without decolonizing it. Time has passed, Call of Duty 2 has been announced. A new excitement and a patient wait. But the expectations were not in vain, and they presented a great game that would digest us in front of us. But it was a disappointment for computer owners, but another good news for console players, Call of Duty 3.


COD 3 removed the console region without looking at the eyes of PCs. One of the areas planned for extraction was the x360. This time, the series takes us back to D-day, to what happened after the Normandy landings.

Call of Duty 3, The Call of Duty we actually know. But this time it has hit the ceiling well in terms of graphics and sound. This makes the atmosphere quite intense and beautiful. First of all, the explosion effects in the production are magnificent. When you play, you can think of yourself as a war. In fact, the second of the series was also nice in terms of graphics, but the third game is better than him in that regard. One of the important points of interest visually will be the details. For example, you can carefully select the materials on the soldiers. It’s not as if it’s modeled straight in front of you, and those on it don’t stand with two scratches. The environment is well presented, and the section designs are also quite satisfactory. Obviously COD 3 is actually nice in terms of graphics, just like the other two games in the series.

As for the sound, the quality is preserved. I have to admit, with the vocalizations, the effects, and the rest, the game is pretty satisfying. After you pick up the gun and start throwing bullets around, the sound is quite satisfying. Producers are definitely passing the class in terms of graphics and sound. But there is one more detail in between, which I think is one of the most beautiful parts. Don’t smash everything around here. Because if you go around and look at it, you can see that the objects don’t hold up and fall apart after a while. This raises a little more Cheetah in the atmosphere, while on the other hand, it also quite triggers realism.

At Gears of war, we were taking cover and shooting. If we get behind an impervious object, after a while our shelter will be thoroughly damaged by bullets and destroyed. Here’s the same rule in COD 3. If you get up and stand behind a wooden door instead of a stone shelter, you can become a colander after a while. That’s because after the rain of lead, that wooden door can no longer be used and will disappear. How are you going to protect something that doesn’t exist? Here’S one of the good things about COD 3 again.

Control lessons

They say it’s hard to play FPS games on consoles. But once it’s customary, it can be extremely easy. But if you’ve switched from computer to console, you’ll have a hard time. Personally, I think it’s easier to play an FPS on a computer by fine-tuning it with the mouse. You can even make point shots. Cod 3’s point shots are automatically fired. In general, an opponent who enters the target area dies as a lacquer. That’s actually a debatable position. The controls of the game are extremely convenient and convenient. But at that target point, the position of hitting 12 from 12 undermines the atmosphere a little bit.; it also makes construction easier in a concentrated way. Unfortunately, this simplicity allows COD 3 to be finished in a short time, and artificial intelligence cannot manifest itself. Speaking of enemies, let’s take a good look. Artificial intelligence is actually enough, they hide here and there and throw bombs at you. They’re trying to shoot you, they can even make a variety. But the fact that they are easily targeted and shot breaks their difficulties a little.

Our opponents get shot, and we’re immortal? Of course, the answer is a huge no. Actually, there’s a little balance mechanism involved here. There’s no indication on the screen and we don’t know how long our health remains. It gets a little more realistic here. If you take a bullet or two, run straight away, run, take cover somewhere. Because you’re a soldier, not a superhuman. It’s also a battlefield, and there’s no such thing as health around. You should definitely be somewhere to hide from bullets, in a durable shelter when you shoot, and not walk around like a duck.

Same formula

We’re not the same soldier in Call of Duty 3. We’re always changing fronts and becoming others. Tasks are actually the same as logic. But they vary between them. Indeed, COD 3 is the COD we know again. In fact, in terms of gameplay and progress, the course of the series is the same as the previous games. Go, shoot, do the mission logic continues the same way. Perhaps the biggest minus is this, because it doesn’t offer any changes or features to the series and genre. It’s full of pros like graphics, sound, shredding, some details and even easy controls. But the fact that the controls simplify the game a little more and there is no real innovation leads to the bad side.

Official result

As for the final decision, Call of Duty 3 faces the first rope and comes out of the x360 exam with a flow of forehead. Especially if you want to thoroughly process the atmosphere of war and you are in favor of action; COD 3 is a quality production that should not escape. However, it doesn’t do much more than move a cheetah to the top in a couple of extras and technical details in the series. Maybe COD 4 can revolutionize, who knows?

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