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c4 robot

The answer to the question of whether the Turkish game market is moving can be answered as a little more than before. But in general, the productions developed in our country are still in their infancy and we are far behind compared to abroad. Given that even countries that are further back than us are producing and releasing something, it’s obvious that we’re used to being ready for video games. It is a fact that pirated use undermines video game production. But if we say that this alone is the biggest factor, it would not be very true. The production of a game requires quite large sums, and most people and groups leave the work they started unfinished, unable to handle it. For this reason, it is unlikely that individuals who are struggling with livelihood difficulties in our country will allocate resources for the game they will develop. Recently, Turkish games, which have developed with the support of large companies and advertising campaigns, have started to take their place on the shelves. The size of the game market and the high advertising capacity were the only reasons that drove companies to support Turkish developers. The adventure of the Citroën C4, which began with television commercials, also existed until it eventually evolved into a game development. We don’t know who first came up with the idea, but the word transformation became Citroën’s key word.

The only thing that doesn’t change is change itself!

Those who are a little intimate with the game world have heard the name Mevlut vigorous. Dinç, who has dedicated himself to game development abroad for a long time, is the chief producer of I Can Football with the first MMRPG game Istanbul Doomsday, which is frequently heard in recent times, as well as well-known games such as last Ninja 2, First Samurai, Enduro Racer, Street Racer. The development of the Citroën C4 Robot game was also completed by Yasin and Yakup Demirden, makers of nightmare 22, led by Mevlüt Dinç. Among the most notable aspects of the production is the use of Istanbul and Marmaray as a venue, the fact that it is completely a Turkish craftsmanship product and, of course, the Citroën C4 car-robot is playable.

It can be said that it is a mini racing game, which mainly includes internet-supported competition for construction. 249MB installation file www.c4robot.com we download it via the internet address and install it in our system. Detailed help pages about the installation and game can also be accessed from the website. I mentioned that the production is internet-supported; in this regard, we need to register on the site for free so that we can log in to the game and upload our tour timings. After installation, from the drop-down menu on the table, it will be appropriate to first configure the configuration settings according to your computer’s system performance. After the settings, we log in to the game with our username and a simple menu welcomes us. After choosing the car color of the Citroën C4, we are asked if we want to have a ghost car on the track. At this point, we have three options. You can include the ghost car of the person who has reached the best lap score in the ranking on the Internet, or you will try to pass your own best lap score, i.e. your own ghost car. Enjoy Istanbul without using a ghost car, and you are also free to travel ahesta ahesta.

Domestic Goods, Domestic Goods

One of the biggest attractions of the construction is that it includes Istanbul and Marmaray. The course, which starts from the Bosphorus Bridge, follows Beylerbeyi and Marmaray and ends again at the Bosphorus Bridge.

Although the course is not very long, it can be said that it is at a sufficient level. However, when we enter the Bosphorus Bridge again, completing the road, it is not that the desire to take a little more tour of the streets of Istanbul does not wake up. The Marmaray project, which is expected to be completed in 2011, was also made available in the game. We can say that Mevlut Dinç and his team were also successful as contractors(!) The structure and Environment seen around the track were made by trying to stay milked with real plans and images. Of course, it’s a fact that there’s a bit of artist imagination involved. In the game, where environmental modeling and coatings were very successful, the Bosphorus Bridge was also transferred in accordance with its origin. Of course, all of these are factors that make it the focus of our main advertising element, namely C4. As is known, in the Citroën C4 commercials, the vehicle, which is transformed into a robot in the form of Transformers, is also available in the game with both versions. The path to success along the track is through using the vehicle and robot in the right place. Pressing the S KEY from the keyboard, activating the turbo in the form of a car, jumping in the form of a robot and sliding over barriers, such as the action was provided. With the D key, the transformation between the vehicle and the robot takes place. As in the ad, the conversion from vehicle to robot, robot to vehicle is carried out by supporting a very high quality animation. Bonuses found on the track are also provided for the re-filling of the Turbo, which ends its use at the end of a certain period of time. To catch the best timing, you really need to do a lot of races and memorize the track well. Rising in the ranking does not end with this; you must maintain a good balance between the use of the vehicle and the robot, use the turbo as much as possible in the vehicle by collecting bonuses, and also slide by jumping over barriers where necessary with the robot.

As we approach from a control point of view, the vehicle’s maneuverability is lower than the robot’s. Taking bends and performing sharp turns with the car is difficult and time-consuming. However, the robot’s maneuverability is much more flexible. When the Robot moves away to move forward, it looks more like it’s skating on the tarmac. An aesthetic robot that moves along classical music in the ad and slides over barriers on bends comes to mind. In general, it can be said that the controls sit over time. In terms of graphics, we can say that the production has probably the best graphics in the Turkish games. The animation is applauded as the transformation takes place with vehicle and robot modeling. It can be said that the conversion animation is error-free. Environmental modeling and coatings are also quite good. The image of the console in the car is also quite well transferred from viewing angles that can change with the C key. Especially when you’re on the bridge, the sky and lighting are appreciated. The Blur effect that occurs when using Turbo is also not forgotten.

As for the forgotten parts. We can’t hang CDs in the mirror to protect against radar, we can’t write on the bumper. There’s no stick under the seat, no dog with a rocking head on the console. My dear Turkey does not have kasisli and dimpled roads and cobbled streets. Joke aside, of course, there are mistakes that can be seen in the production. For example, despite all our attempts, we could not make the game work on 64bit Vista. However, construction on Windows XP continued to work without any problems. There is also what can be said about situations such as graphics, sounds, the absence of more than one track. But we can ignore them because the production is 100% Turkish craftsmanship and 250MB is a free-to-air production. The game, which is the product of an advertising campaign, is a proof of what Turkish developers can produce with the support of companies for us. We hope that by continuing the development of the game sector with the support of many more companies, high quality productions will be released from our country.

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