Buzz! Master Quiz Review

Buzz! Master Quiz

The pageants, especially the indispensable programs of the winter months, became the number one weapon that the channels used to increase their ratings in the highest hours of viewing, known as prime time. Especially in the morning and afternoon programs have become records for viewing. The contestants cry, hug each other, the boxes don’t open, the answers don’t explain for minutes, the excitement goes through the roof… but the competitions broadcast abroad develop in a much more formal way.

Prime Time

Designed as a quiz, Buzz! Master Quiz is one of the new productions taking its place on PSP. In fact, the production is one of those we’ve been used to seeing on PlayStation consoles for the past few years, but it’s the first time we’ve been a guest on PSP. A quiz-themed game will not be fun, especially on a more mobile and portable platform such as the PSP, its playability may be quite low. Also, at home or in the office, it seems more logical to play a quiz-themed game on a PC. But that prejudice soon crumbles. Because the company, which thinks that the production can be boring, has prepared the content as far as it can from simplicity, as a moving television show with full meaning. From the themes used to the effects, in short, everything visually is presented in a television competition format with full meaning. Of course, the host, who is the most important part of this television show, has also not been forgotten. Our character Buzz, who presents and directs the program, is also visually constantly at the forefront, thus appearing for the first time on the PSP platform.

Listening to the word of our server, which cannot stand still, we enter the competition map by selecting one of the strange characters that represent us. Everything is so original that it’s not even heartfelt to feel like a contestant on a show, to get into the atmosphere. The map displays the main competition types that can be preferred. In the game, where we can choose questions from different areas, especially Snapshot is quite fun. A certain number of questions are then given a piece of the picture and asked what it is all about. And the pictures are usually made up of animals. For example, a deer is given a horn and asked what the entire picture might be. If you answer correctly, you are also given extra points. The game has approximately 5000 questions. Questions are faced at different levels of difficulty in a wide range of areas, such as celebrities, science, history, sports, and cinema. Despite so many questions, sometimes the same questions can be encountered as an error after a few hours of play.

Buzz! In a Master quiz, questions are usually asked in multiple choice. First, the question is transmitted to you in a written and audible way, then the time begins to process and the answers are brought to you. At the beginning of the four answer options, the PSP has Shape keys. In this way, you are asked to press the button that you think is correct before the time runs out. Not only against PSP, but also the multiplayer mode, which can be played with groups of friends and supports game sharing, is also one of the memorable parts. In short, play as a single or a group, Buzz! Master Quiz, fun structure and presentation of the contest, although not continuous, was a production that can be played to spend time at certain intervals.

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