Burnout Dominator Review

Burnout Dominator

Get out of hands after that you are used to EA’s need for speed, Burnout Dominator is a racing game released by the same company again, clearly overlap with NFS in the same league, although how it can be said that they were making. In general, the game manages to take its place in the dusty pages of history as one of the best racing games on the PSP platform. Enjoy staying just us.

Reverse direction

Burnout Dominator, almost by pushing the limits of the PSP has become a production that gives it its due. More arcade-based, the game is a good alternative to the racing and simulation games on the market in general, including previous versions of the series. For those who have not played the series before, it is worth noting that Burnout Dominator is not only a racing game, it can also be said that it is also a game of destruction. But unfortunately, the crash mode, which we are trying to do the greatest damage that has become legendary, has been deprived of the PSP. However, the fun and adrenaline were not compromised in any way. And those who couldn’t play Burnout Revenge for any reason should not be upset. Because the Dominator is very similar to revenge in terms of presentation and content. World-wide challenges under the World Tour mode, where there are quite a number of races, consist of cities and regions. In Race mode, a slightly more advanced concept was introduced by adding several new race variants along with the genres found in previous series productions. In Grand Prix mode, we were meant to win races and reach the final medal.

Although the new modes added to the structure have provided Variety, they are not revolutionary for the Burnout Dominator. In Drifting and Near Miss (close contact) races under Maniac mode, the winner of the craziest car driver section. The addition of special movements that cars can make in these new races has also not been forgotten. So the adrenaline got a little higher. In most productions, the lock-reward system appears not only in vehicles that are locked in Burnout Dominator, but also in some modes, ensuring that other modes cannot be played without completion. In this structure, in races won in Rival Challenge mode, locked vehicles are playable first, and then with the completion of the mode, The Dominator Challenge Mode is playable by removing the lock.

Non-disruptive dynamic

The game structure and controls continue to be similar to previous productions. For those who have not played before, the goal is to drive as crazy and crazy as possible without smashing your own car. Situations such as going on vehicles in the opposite direction, narrowly avoiding them are what needs to be done to become a winner. While you are busy with this type of attraction, your Boost meter is rising according to the movements you make. And when it comes to supercharging, you have the right to use a turbo, so you can go much crazier.

Visually quite good, the production comes with quite detailed Araka plans. Effects like collision also do a pretty good job. Frame rate does not cause any problems. In terms of sounds and music, the car and sound effects that we can count well are accompanied by EA-quality music, as always. The production, which also supports Multiplayer via Ad-Hoc mode, promises an interesting racing experience that can be experienced on PSP. Especially announced to those who love the series.


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