Burnout 3: Takedown Review

Burnout 3: Takedown

It’s fun that locks you in the game. If a game doesn’t entertain you, after a while you get bored and leave. However, you can play a game that entertains you for hours without getting up from your head. Those hours seem like seconds to you, and you never realize how quickly time passes.

The truth behind Burnout’s success is nothing more than that. Those who play know, in Burnout 2, the fun was completely at the forefront. Burnout 3: Takedown has become a fun bomb.

In order to succeed in Burnout 2, you had to complete sections very quickly, with minimal errors. In Burnout 3, the situation has changed a little. The path to success in the new game is to make opponents crash a lot. If you can’t do that, no matter how well you race, your job is hard. In short, it’s a game won by the most psychopathic driver, not the best driver, Burnout3.

More Risk, More Boost

The most indispensable boost of the series, of course, exists again. There are several ways to fill the Boost bar: drive over incoming traffic(drive in the opposite direction), pass very close (near miss) without hitting a vehicle in traffic, drift around bends, jump off a ramp or bump (air), follow the car in front from behind (tailgating), and most importantly, make opponents crash. Most importantly, I say because as soon as you crash an opponent, your maximum boost bar increases, and this boost bar is completely full. And when you crash, you lose the amount of boost bar you earn extra.

In general, the game consists of Race, time attack, road rage, crash modes. At Burnout 3 World Tour, you also encounter modes such as grand prix, face off, eliminator from time to time. I don’t think there’s much to talk about race and time attack modes. In Road rage mode, you must force your opponents to have a certain number of accidents. But in this mode, you should take care not to crash. Because just as your car gets damaged in this mode, it can completely disintegrate.

Be A Traffic Nightmare, Not A Traffic Monster

Crash mode is fun again.The goal is again to do maximum damage to vehicles in traffic. A chain of accidents sometimes becomes incredible and you don’t enjoy it. Crash Mode consists of exactly 100 episodes, and some innovations have been made. First, you don’t have a boost bar and you can’t use boost by pressing R1. Instead, you need to get the boost sign (icon) located somewhere on the road. When you get it, you become a complete Death Machine by switching to automatic boosta. Again, another innovation in this mode; bonuses and multipliers. Bonuses earn you a certain point. Multipliers are quite important. If you get 4x Multiplier, you get exactly 4 times the damage you give. And you have to stay away from hearthbreaker so that your damage points don’t fall in half. The latest innovation in this mode is the crashbreaker. If you have a certain number of accidents on vehicles in traffic, you can use the crashbreaker. By pressing R2, your car explodes with a large explosion. In this way, it is possible to do much more damage. The biggest benefit of crashbreaker is that you can access multipliers and bonuses. Remember, you can blow up your car in any direction you want.

Burnout 3 World Tour takes place in 3 regions: America, Europe and the Far East. For City designs, to say the least, it’s amazing. As you travel around the city, you may have noticed that EA does a lot of advertising for its own games.

Use A Truck Boost

I haven’t mentioned the vehicles yet, have I? At first, you have very few alternatives. Then, by opening locked vehicles one by one, you have a fairly wide choice of vehicles. Vehicles divided into several series. Like Super Cars series, Sports Cars series. The possibility of modification is also not available in this game. Only a few of the locked cars are modified. The names of all cars are naturally made up. Apart from the cars you use for racing, there are also heavy vehicles that you will use in Crash mode.

The graphics are extremely high quality. According to Burnout 2, big improvement is at stake. Modeling of other vehicles in traffic is no longer as noticeable as before. The effects are as successful as the graphics. Motion Blur is great.

And the situation does not change with regard to sound and music. You’ll be amazed at the sounds of the engine and the boost. They added a radio (crash fm) and a DJ to the new game. Those who like Rock music will like the tracks they play. During the game, you can switch to the next track by pressing L2.

You will get great pleasure from Multiplayer mode. It’s also possible to carve it with a friend. During the game, naturally, the screen is divided into two parts. And then it turns out which one of you is the most psychotic. 🙂

If you look at the extras under the game’s Driver Details menu, you will encounter a demo of a surprise game that will be released soon. Don’t get excited, I won’t say that this game is Need for Speed Underground 2.

If you know, I didn’t mention the cons of the game all summer. Burnout3 gives a person a very good sense of speed. But sometimes you won’t be able to see the traffic in front of you or the traffic in front of you. Especially if sunlight hits the screen. That’s why you’re gonna crash. During the game, he said, “Where did this come from, yaw?”I’ve asked myself the question 10 times. By the way, I’ve been informed that most copies of the game are broken. If you have such a problem, I will tell you in advance that the source of the problem is due to the game. Don’t e-mail me about it unnecessarily.

In short, we are dealing with a very, very fun game. It’s definitely one of the most fun racing games ever released. This fun, combined with impeccable gameplay, excellent graphics and sounds, leaves me with only one thing to say: don’t miss it.


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