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There are some games that get neither excellent graphics nor state-of-the-art content. However, they are so loved and addictive. There is also no need to look very carefully to understand why; playing without too much thought and pure fun makes them attractive. Build a Lot, just like Zuma, is a build that can work even on bulky computers in offices and can distract you for a long time with its addictive feature.

Build a Lot, maybe not a very, very nice game, but with its simplicity and fun, it won the 2007 Action/Arcade games championship. Instead of a story, the production has more themes. The theme of the game can be summarized as buying real estate, selling real estate, or building a house from scratch and making money from it. Build a Lot consists of two main modes: Career and Casual. Casual mode allows you to play freely in open neighborhoods or perform certain tasks. It also allows you to compete with other players by attracting the best scores to your computer over the internet. Career (career) is a mode that starts with education and tries to perform different tasks in eight main neighborhoods. In the training, you are given information that includes exercises, from how to contract, to how to become a good real estate agent. The head of the neighborhood, who accompanies us throughout the training, rewards us with a representative Golden Key at the end of the episode, which is successfully completed, and thus we enter the main game.

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In construction, we have a large construction portfolio, from simple suburbs to mansions and castles. First, we set our goals based on the tasks assigned. Goals are usually in the style of building this number of houses of this type, buying and selling this number of houses, and getting this amount of monthly rental income. As there are ready-made houses on the map, they are located on land that you own and can be purchased. In order to be able to build the houses that are asked of us, we must first buy by drawing the plan of the house, which is called The Blueprint. In addition, we need to buy as much lumber as we need from the material Department. Of course, it is also necessary to hire masters who will read the project and turn the wood into a house. Both the project and the purchase of materials and the construction of the house all take place during the filling of the bar at the bottom. When the Bar is full, it is considered that you have received your needs or finished construction.

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The Masters who built or repaired the House are also graphically yellow helmets. Homes and businesses are sorted from cheap to expensive. But it is possible to buy or build a low-priced house, improve its interior and exterior, sell it to a more expensive one, or get more rent. It’s enough to press the “Sell” button to put a house up for sale. But the sale is not happening at that moment. After a while, you get an offer by phone, and it’s up to you whether you accept it or not. If you agree, the house is sold. In the departments, there is a time limit to perform the desired tasks. The restriction is divided into two separate times. If all missions are completed halfway through the hourglass, you are considered outstanding. But by exceeding half the time, you have time until the entire hourglass runs out. Departments have an increasingly difficult structure. This challenge is more because we are being asked to produce, buy and sell an increasing number of structures in the same or less time. Overall, Build a Lot is a fun game with cute graphics. But it is recommended only for those who want to kill time without thinking.

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