Brunswick Pro Bowling Review

brunswick pro bowling

Bowling is one of the fun group activities that can be done in free time. About 10-15 years ago, he only appeared in TV series and movies that we saw on the screen or watched on TV. Let’s add as a bottom note that this game, which cost more to America, actually dates back to 5000 BC, and there are findings that it was first played in Egypt. In our country, the activity that can be done in more large cities and metropolises comes between the hands of all users thanks to the PSP, even if it does not give the same pleasure.

As a result of a search on the internet, the name “Brunswick” is found as a city in Germany. However, we are interested in the term use of this name. Brunswick is a generic name in Bowling, covering everything from shoes to balls. I think the name of the game was meant to indicate that the content is a little more professional and close to the simulation. Bowling, which is more often touted as a night-time sport, is also referred to as Night League (night league) in the production from this point of view. Quick Play options are also available for Career and immediate play. In order to play Night League in a production supported by up to four players, we first need to create a profile. But it’s not something that happens so fast. Because first we have to create a character. We determine the details of our character such as gender, hair style, clothing, body structure one by one. But once these operations are completed, we are ready to go to the league.


We are stepping into the first game of a three-game league with opponents randomly determined by the PSP. If you win at least two or more of the three games, you are victorious and rewarded with rewards such as money and reputation. Coins earned can be spent in the Pro Shop or used to improve your player’s abilities. These abilities consist of endurance, novility, arm-muscle strength. As a result of the games won, additional talent development is provided as a bonus, as well as these features can be improved through courses and trainings. Talent ensures success in matches made, while reputation and fame earned allow you to enter tournaments. Because those whose reputation is below a certain level are not accepted into tournaments. The tournaments won are tickets to the more advanced leagues.

In construction, toppling the pins consists of several simple steps. First, we determine the line and angle we want the ball to go to. Then we adjust the shooting power by pushing the analog lever up and down on the display. The success of the shots depends not only on your technical ability. No matter how well you shoot, your player’s ability and fatigue are the biggest factors that cause your accounts to not hold. The shots and animations are made as close to reality as possible. After the shots and after the Strike (knocking down all the pins at once), the animations are very fun.

Apart from the menu, using the PSP upright while playing is an interesting experience. Although unusual, we used PSP in this way in a few more games that asked for depth or length. The production, which does not exceed the average in terms of music, can make you have a fun time, although it is not very long when we look at it in general. It should not be forgotten that it appeals more to Bowling lovers.

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