Brothers In Arms: Hell’s Highway Review

Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway

Although I loved games about the Second World War, these productions have constantly failed me in the past. When I first installed Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, my graphics card didn’t even open the game. When Call of Duty’s demo was released, I tried the demo with a friend because my own machine was defective, but as a product of a 32 MB card, I played the entire Part only in white. Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 when it came out, the 64 MB MX440 could only give me the sounds of the game, offering a huge black screen as an image. Interestingly, most of the systemic problems I encountered in games have always been World War II-type productions. Learning from my past experience, I was sure I wouldn’t face such problems on Hell’s highway, but this time the endless delays had already annoyed not only me, but all the players waiting for the game.

“World War II”, which is not a very popular topic, rose with Call of Duty, and then took on a different dimension with brothers in Arms, prepared by Gearbox, adding tactical elements to the gameplay. After Road to Hill 30, which was prepared as the story of 13 brave men, Earned in Blood came as a continuation, and a series of battles was born more dramatic and impressive than ever before. And then hell’s Highway was announced, years of chasing each other, and finally the expected moment came. Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway (BIA), which has been many years since its first release, is finally with us.

Battle plan

101, although soldiers who died in previous operations. the Airborne Division is back together with new reinforcements added. We take part in Operation Market Garden, one of the bloodiest episodes of the Second World War, and are once again responsible for directing Matt Baker. The BIA is not just about Baker, but about John, Jasper, Franky and even little Pieter. A little heart falling among the exploding bombs, a desperate love in the midst of chaos, and a man who reckons with himself.

Before we begin our adventure on Hells’ highway, we encounter a cinematic video. In this collection of videos, which we can call remakes, important scenes that we took part in previous BIA games and could not forget were re-edited. Usually, this type of pretty high-quality videos are interspersed between episodes. Kevin, who was killed on Road to Hill 30, was also on Matt’s mind in Earned in blood. As a continuation of the story, Kevin has an important place in the new game. Seeing the constant old days in his past, which he portrays in his memory, Baker also sees Kevin and his movements in some conflict situations due to the games his mind plays on him, he can hear their voices. And he’s not the only one.

And when we give up dreams and come true, we are in the Netherlands. The first minutes of the production are in a kind of educational mood, especially from the point of view of players who are involved in the series for the first time, and after receiving the necessary information, the actual game begins. It’s worth reminding you again. BIA series is an FPS game that allows you to determine specific tactics during combat, sometimes controlling one, sometimes two or three teams. Hell’s Highway has stuck to the basics of previous games, but naturally there have been improvements in many directions. More dynamic combat environments and more fun gameplay easily distinguish the new game from others. You can run by holding down the space key, and you can jump over obstacles by pressing the same key again. The visual aspect of this line is pretty good.

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While you can select a team with the Tab key, you can also get all kinds of information about the environment you are in by pressing the X key, and you can determine your progress accordingly. In addition, as in Gears of war, by pressing the E key, you can follow the events that occur in your environment moment by moment without your permission. In addition, civilian people can appear throughout the game. These people, who say they are tired of Nazi persecution, give us information and documents about the enemy. Little Pieter and his father are two of the people we will constantly meet throughout the story.

Determine your tactics and destroy them!

John Antal, the production’s military advisor, said in a promotional video for Hell’s Higway, “find him, determine his tactics, destroy him!” she kept saying. We can say that these three concepts are the basis of the game. It’s entirely up to you how you choose a tactic or from which side you attack. Already the battlefields are as functionally prepared as possible. Just as you can attack directly, you can also get around the enemy’s back. Usually, when you go alone, you don’t stand a chance. You have to move forward by hiding as much as possible and position your team accordingly. At this stage, a new current, TPS mode, was also involved in hell’s Highway, taking cover and then attacking by setting a target. You can take cover with the Q key, and then attack by determining the available time. If you wait a little after aiming, you will find that the target is fixed and you can make more effective shots. In one-shot head shots, you can see how you hit the enemy in slow motion mode. Also, if you record hits on bombs that you throw with the help of the F key, you will again see enemy soldiers throwing pieces around, this time in slow motion. If you get a bullet in your helmet, your helmet falls off your head and you become more vulnerable to subsequent attacks. Surrounding wooden structures such as cans, boxes, fences, can not hide behind them much because they are easy to break down. Another innovation is for the game’s health system. Now that you are injured, you should hide in a safe place and rest for a short time. No doubt Brothers In Arms: Hell’s Highway is one of the most violent war games.

For our people, say they have very good AI or very powerful. The guys who fell one by one with the bullets they had eaten in previous games are not available on Hell’s Highway. They die very rarely (after they die, they rejoin the team according to the story), and their hit rate is also quite high in the shots they make. By selecting the attack team, you can turn enemies into colanders, and by selecting the bazooka team, you can destroy machine gun positions, sniper nests, and areas such as the Arsenal. If you step aside yourself and watch your team for a little while; you’ll see them acting systematically, some opening fire, others preparing, Jasper pointing a bazooka at the target, and another friend placing a missile. So they’re in coordinated cooperation with each other. And the mistakes are not gone. For example, when they shoot a missile at close range, they can aim the missile at the barricade right in front of it. Looking at the opposite side, it can be said that the Nazis also had good artificial intelligence. They’re always hiding, moving around looking around. A Nazi soldier is the only one left when his friends are killed next to him, moving or fleeing. When they’re talking nonsense, when they’re facing you. When they see you in front of them in an instant, sometimes for some reason they can’t think of attacking immediately. Let’s just say we killed the person next to you or the person next to you, sometimes they don’t even know about it.

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In this season, the Netherlands, it will be very beautiful

Hell’s Highway was a game I watched with my mouth open when the first visuals were released, but the constant postponement of the release date caused the game to fall behind graphically. Hell’s Highway is still a game with very nice graphics. Character designs, and especially face drawings, are perfectly crafted for me. All the soldiers ‘ equipment is detailed one by one. If you move, your equipment also moves, so that it doesn’t feel stuck. When you switch to TPS mode, you can already see all the details. Character movements are also fine. They’re bouncing around the area where you hit the bullet. Especially in the hit shots you make on the move, you will understand better what I mean. Environmental designs, light and shading are another aspect of the game’s visual power after character designs. As you progress, you will see that the name of the game deserves its meaning. You’ll have a few sunny days, but then the Flames will light up your surroundings, not the sun.

While it has no effect on gameplay, visually there is an obvious downside to the game. When you give orders to your soldiers and they respond to you, you will notice that their voices are coming out, but not their mouth movements. I don’t understand why the producers didn’t lean on it. Another issue is guns. Although their design is beautiful, the grip angles of some weapons are very noticeable. To this point, the German machine gun can be given as an example. Also, when you come to the front of the window, you see the environment reflected. It’s pretty good, but one thing’s missing is that your own soldier isn’t in the window.

If you have a good sound system, the game gives you a good sense of conflict. Apart from a beautiful music playing in the main menu, there is no music during the gameplay. Especially in Call of Duty, players could take part in a more exciting atmosphere thanks to the music playing in the background. Brothers in Arms, on the other hand, I think he skipped this step because he paid more attention to realism. Just gunshots and shouts, more ideal for this game.

Apart from a single-player scenario consisting of a total of 10 main titles, as a multiplayer option, in a production that contains 6 maps and supports up to 20 players, you defend your own territory and fight to capture the enemy territory by choosing one of the team commander, tanker or expert classes.

We’d be home for Christmas.…

Developed over two years, Hell’s Highway was one of the first productions to license Epic Games ‘ famous graphics engine, Unreal Engine 3. It’s just come on the market, but if the first ones were fulfilled, it would have been a year since it came out. If it came out, it seemed certain that it would have a big Echo and leave most games behind as graphics technology (it also leaves at this stage, but it could have received more attention if it had come out earlier). Despite everything, I loved the game. The tactical elements suit this game very well. If you have played previous games in the series, I recommend that you also try hell’s Highway.

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