Broken Sword: The Shadow Of The Templars review

Broken Sword: The Shadow Of The Templars

It may be a bit of a classic, but when we say the best adventure games ever or make a “top Ten” list, The Broken Sword series is a game that can easily enter the top 5 (lie!! let the one who says write his comment below:)). When it was released by Revolution Software in 1996, it was a game that marked the 90s with its graphics, unusual theme and spaces that were perfect for its period (there was no turkey in the game, but our flag (a limited country was shown) and a belly dancer in the region where our country was located on the map). In the same year, we see the game, which also appeared on PlayStation, Now in the tiny monster Gameboy Advance.

Find me an adventure without a druid!!!

The play is originally set in Paris. An American tourist George Stobbart (Yeah) goes to Cafe Tabac Prites, one of Paris’s famous cafes, for a coffee while enjoying a holiday in Paris. As George sips his Nescafe, a clown suddenly appears and walks in with his sympathetic demeanor. Meanwhile, George is sitting at a table outside the cafe. If he was in there, it would be a shame to say it. Anyway, this clown (i.e. Khan) replaces the old man’s bag inside with the accordion in his hand and runs away. This accordion explodes and the waitress inside is injured, but the old man becomes mefta. After all, sucker George tries to figure it out. “Don’t you have a job, why are you doing this?”and to those who say,” I could have died in that Cafe, “” this friend says. In fact, we learn from Nicole Collard, who took a photo at the door that this was not palcho’s first assassination attempt. Nicole is a journalist (I exaggerated a little, but Real) who lives in the Rue Jerry neighborhood of Paris and is a beautiful chick. Nicole began to examine this incident before us, and learned that this incident and previous events were carried out by a group of irticai organizations. Later, we have a phone call with Nicole, and we meet more closely with Nicole to find out a little more about the bottom line…

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Devr-I orgy with George Stobbart

As I said, the game has proven to everyone that it is a very good adventure with its puzzles, gameplay and especially its subject. 2, which came out four years ago, that is, in 1998. although the version has also proven itself, the location of the first game is separate from me. Anyway, I’d like to point out that Broken Sword 3 will come out in 2003. As I said, George is on a roll when he says assassination or something. First, we fly there when we learn that one of the jewels that George saw in the museum was also kept in Ireland by an archaeologist named Peagram. And then we go to Spain, England and Iran.

Sleeping The Dragon

The game naturally has lower specifications than the PC and PlayStation versions. At least I expected the opening video to be as moving as Sonic advanced, but it’s just pictures. Those who play on PC are well aware that the opening video of Broken Sword is incredibly beautiful, especially in terms of visuals. Both short and concise, and a perfect 2D. Of course, we should not forget that this tool is a tiny tool that we can take anywhere. The garfics of the game are considered pretty good. Environmental designs and all that are extremely good. I especially noticed the music taken one-on-one from the game on the PC. I liked hearing the great music of Broken Sword on GBA. The sound effects in the game aren’t bad either. The controls are in the style of an action game, since there is no mouse in GBA and it cannot be.

Although a Mini, Broken Sword is a 32-Bit Adventure game worthy of GBA. I’m sure solving Broken Sword’s challenging puzzles will be fun for you, too, while sipping a cocktail by the pool or enjoying your hammock in your garden.

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