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Bridge It

Exactly 511 years ago, in 1495, Sultan II.Beyazit ordered his vizier “ ” the best architect in the world will be found, the bridge to the Golden Horn will be built!”. The Queen has fulfilled her duty. The best architect was found and told to draw up a plan. The architect informed the Sultan of his plans and views in old Turkish(!) wrote a letter. Its design, which is considered technically impossible to implement, II.Beyazit refused. After 350 years, the first Galata Bridge was built in 1845 by Bezm-i Alem Valide Sultan during the reign of Sultan Abdulmecid. Leonardo Da Vinci was the architect of the bridge, whose construction was discouraged.

Give me my shovel.

Bridge it is a construction that will be liked, especially by those who are interested in the construction business. You may know the game released by Chronic Logic from the earlier Pontifex series. The company has a signature in many successful platform games such as the Pontifex series, Gish, Wik. I don’t think they expected that when they released their first production, Pontifex, whose full version was a funny figure like 900kb, it would be held so much. It may not be very attractive at first. But after you start playing, you really can’t break away easily. Pontifex was a platform-style bridge-building game. The following Pontifex 2, Bridge Construction Set and finally Bridge it did not break this rule and continue in platform style. Bridge it takes a slightly more innovative approach and moves the series from Size 2 to size 3. Nvidia’s support behind the company, especially on Fx cards, real-time effects and scene rendering Aura Jet 3D engine does a good job. 2ghz processor for the game, 512mb ram, Directx 9 supported video card is recommended, which means that this production will not work on Mx series video cards.

Who took my bucket?

Our game has an easy interface. Especially for those who will play for the first time, I recommend finishing the Tutuorial mode. After completing the short training mode, we can choose from Easy, Medium, Hard and Complex difficulty levels. My advice is to start with the easiest difficulty level and finish it all one by one. Because there are different section designs at each difficulty level, bypassing the ease, just playing Complex sections will mean that you don’t play most of the game. No matter what level of difficulty you choose, the first ones you will encounter are a river, a valley-like opening. And your goal is to cross this gap by building a bridge. The screen is divided into Grid, i.e. grid, to make our work easier. Given certain points, you were asked to use them as a basis. So in order to cross the span, we just have to build our bridge according to a few basic points given, and do so without exceeding the budget.

The first thing to do is lay the road to the bridge. We lay the road between the two basic points given, and then we start to make the system that will keep the road afloat. We provide this system by using iron, steel, Heavy Steel, Suspension Cable, Hydraulics, cable, Break Joint materials. As you can see in the screenshots of the systems we do, we usually do it by cross-linking the Iron-Steel duo ( in construction, the lattice system is called the space system). Of course, this is an optional thing, everyone will find different methods to cross these openings. But in general, the best static solutions used to cross the opening can be solved with a lattice system. After taking the necessary action, we press the simulation button in the lower right corner and see if our bridge is standing in the first place. In simulation mode, the stress and max buttons show the most voltage-charged parts of the system we make from Green to red. All right, let’s just say our bridge can carry itself, and there are no broken pieces. Unfortunately, it doesn’t all end here. In simulation mode, he presses the play button, which flashes, and according to the episode we play, trains or cars start to pass over the bridge. Moment by moment, we observe the voltage changes created by the vehicle passing over the bridge. If the system is really good, it won’t collapse if the army goes through it.

So you’re trying to bridge a more complex opening to the next chapter. Before I forget, in some parts, you are asked to make bridges that open and close. These episodes are really more difficult but more fun. By using hydraulic parts, we allow the bridge to separate from the Break Joint point mentioned earlier, and after the bridge opens, we can watch the ship pass under it by means such as manual, cinematic and vehicle camera passing over the bridge.

Artworks in steel

We’re faced with a game like Lego that we loved most when we were little. In this respect, I think very few people will like this production. I believe that taking the series one step further with the concept of 3D is the only reason it has increased from 900kb to 200mb. The graphics could have been a little better, but they seem to be enough for such a game. The fact that it is an improved series with contributions from Civil Engineers gives Bridge it another air. First, we are faced with a construction that can knock out construction students, technicians and engineers, and nail other players to the seat for hours. Next time you cross the Bosphorus Bridge or another bridge, I’m sure you’ll look at it with a different eye. At the site of the game you can reach from. Enjoy the game.

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