Bomberman Land Review

bomberman land

Bomberman, whose history dates back to 1983, was the most successful robot to work in a bomb factory in his original story. But our character gets tired of what he does over time. According to a rumor circulating in the middle of this succession, the factory can grant wishes. Bomberman, who is already depressed enough from work, makes a wish, and his wish comes true, turning into a human Bomberman. The only obstacle remains the security responsible for the operation of the factory.


That’s the original story of the production. But so far, we’ve played without our knowledge of the story part, and we continue to play. The PSP, a haunt of past productions, this time welcomes a destructive character, Bomberman. The production, which reappears years later with a little makeup and a little renovation, meets two different fashion players: Single Player and Multiplayer.

After some long conversations in the production, we reach the main map. The map actually represents an amusement park with plenty of greenery. At the end of the paths in the form of footpaths, there are also doors that form sections. But not every door is open to us. We have some special requests to make to get to the locked parts. For example, you are asked to find and bring a special colored part that opens this area. Lost parts are usually achieved in ways that we will get from the mini-games found in the production, such as fulfilling the special wishes of park residents. In addition, some parts are more complex, obtained by combining several different events or things. For example, you may need to pay the Toll, Collect the minimum number of pass pieces, and have a special outfit on you. Although minigames have been used for ten years to increase playability and strengthen connectivity, it seems that after a while it begins to taste pumpkin. Mini-games aimed at answering questions, especially in the form of yes/no, can cause you to break away from the game.

Boom time

The production, which contains very little of the old Bomberman in Single Player mode, closes this gap in Multiplayer mode. The four main battle modes, operated by the familiar Bomberman mechanism, contain 40 different maps. It is possible to play these modes against 3 characters managed by the PSP processor, or with your friends who come together via Ad-Hoc. From a technical point of view, chirping color graphics are accompanied by modeling that can be considered good. In terms of sound and music, the vitality of Colors is reflected in the music. Cheerful and cute music continues throughout the game. In terms of dialogues, too long scenes can reach boring dimensions. Read read endless articles you will probably pass quickly with the skip key. During the production, which promises about 15 hours of play time, we remember the old one.

Throughout the story mode, he seems to be more focused on minigames. Spending time with mini-games while waiting to play Bomberman can be disappointing, so be prepared. The main Bomberman mode, on the other hand, seems to be partly better. At least the game structure we know applies here. In general, Bomberman Land was a beautiful, but limited production to commemorate the old one. In order to increase playability, mini-games could not be prevented from having the opposite effect. It’s a game that Bomberman lovers will like, but it shouldn’t be too much of an expectation.

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