BloodRayne 2 Review

BloodRayne 2

We players are very interested in games that involve blood and brutality for some reason. We can’t stand it when we see characters on screen shots or on the cover of their box that tend to cause carnage. In addition, the character who will create this massacre is an athletic lady, half human, half vampire, who pushes the boundaries of beauty, decorated with extremely daring clothes. If you don’t know who I’m talking about, you should know that you missed a lot by not playing Bloodrayne, which was released two years ago. In a game with a lot of action and too much blood, we killed countless vampires and threw the blood of our enemies as a souvenir. Although it is not a very high-level production, both the sexiness of the main character and the abundance of blood due to the very popular Game 2 years are about to expire, the producers rolled up their sleeves and released the new game primarily for consoles.

Bite me, Rayne.…

Bloodrayne adopts a subject that has become a classic today. Because he’s half human, half vampire, he’s immortal and very strong. Although it is not exactly a precedent for good, its truths are sometimes in the best interest of us people. Blade is always the first name that comes to mind when you say half-man, half-vampire. Here we can think of Rayne as his female. But what a female. This lady, who we would all pray would be the woman of our house if she wasn’t half a vampire, is quite agile and so ruthless against her enemies. Limbs and blood are the signature of the Bloodrayne game, as you try the blades attached to your arms on your enemies in the most brutal ways. Again, the biggest feature of the Bloodrayne game is excessive gushing blood, just like in the movie Kill Bill. In short, Bloodrayne is one of the rare productions that those allergic to red should strongly avoid.

Our second game continues where the first game ends. In fact, in some places, Rayne struggles with his own internal reckoning and tries to save the world from evil vampires. In the first game, we were very involved with the Nazis of the ‘ 30s, and this time the story takes place today, but the enemies are the same kind of characters again. Countless enemies dressed in black leather clothes, the invariants of Satanist communities, and large vampires with different characteristics who dominate them. In addition, in the second game, new enemies are waiting for you, but these are surprises for now.

Don’t catch a cold, Rayne.…

Bloodrayne 2 is a typical action game. It has Section designs that are at the forefront of melee, contain puzzles in places, and require acrobatic movements. Our standard and most important weapon is the Blades mounted on our arms. They have extraordinary power and are in a style that can easily sink any enemy into the consistency of cubic chopped tomatoes. Of course, we have a game where we need to use not only our knives, but also our kicks and agility. As we can do a lot of combos on a combination of kicks and knives, we have to avoid being an easy target by jumping and constantly changing places. Because the camera is quite challenging and we will encounter two and above enemies at the same time, our opponents have a lock mode. When we press the left trigger key of our game pad, it turns to the nearest enemy and we lock on it in a sense. Although it gives you an advantage during multiple fights, it makes more sense to use our agility and switch places.

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Among our important weapons is our chain with hooks. We throw our chain at distant enemies, catch them, pull them towards us or throw them around. Another weapon is a blood-powered pistol called the Carpathian Dragon. With this pistol, we can harm our enemies at a distance. And his work with blood indicates that when he is finished, we must suck the blood of enemies to fill it. Speaking of” blood sucking, ” we’re running a known vampire, and blood sucking is our most important ability. The red bar at the top left of the screen represents our strength, and don’t expect a health pack or bandages in case it goes down. All we have to do is go to our nearest enemy and stick to him by pressing the “Y” button and drink his blood with pleasure. We add to our house of power as the enemy absorbs as much blood as he has. If we’ve beaten the enemy a little before, we get less blood. We end each blood sucking session with a finishing move. If we press the” X “button, we stick a knife in his stomach and create a waterfall of blood, if we press the” B ” button, we put our guy on the ground and rip his head off. The enemies are the only way to load our weapon I just mentioned. When we stick to our enemy with the “Y” button, if we hold down the right trigger and press the “Y” button again, we stop sucking his blood and stick our weapon into our enemy and fill our weapon with his blood. The element that we should pay attention to here is that the character whose blood we suck is unarmed. If he has a stick and a similar melee weapon in his hand, when we jump on it, he pushes us back and shoots us with a stick. In such cases, we must first kick and break the bat of our enemy, and then taste his blood.

When we get married, we’ll have a blood bank with pink blinds, Rayne.…

BloodRayne’s puzzles are not difficult. Generally, our enemies are based on throwing at certain points with our chain. For example, we are trapped in a building and constantly attacked by enemies. We see a ventilation fan and realize that if we can break it, we can get to the street. From here on, we must catch the enemies who are flocking to us with our chain and throw them into the propeller. They fall apart in blood, after about 4-5 enemy launches, the propeller breaks, and we can pass the other side. Some puzzles are made up of objects that we must personally break down. We break planks to break down the wall supported by planks, and sometimes we shoot at large objects that stand on our enemies, making them fall on our opponents.

As in every game in which we encounter countless enemies, we cannot succeed in Bloodrayne without our special abilities and without using them. Since we control our character with the left analog lever, the normal control keys are reserved for using our special powers. We have three main powers that we can use. First, Aura vision: thanks to this ability, we can see the secret passages and jump ramps that we need to go to. Another; time-shifting: thanks to this feature, which is similar to bullet time in Max Payne, we allow time to flow slowly, giving our enemies the upper hand. Our third and final feature is Blood Rage: Attack mode with anger, as the name suggests. When we use this feature, Rayne fights madly and does more damage to his opponents. Apart from these features that we gain behind killing each boss, we gain the standard added speed and power bar increase features as we go through sections.

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Can I have one bite, Rayne?

Bloodrayne 2 screenshots show that we come across very high-quality graphics. Each character is detailed. The spaces are cleverly designed. But there is a problem that overshadows all this beauty. Character animations are pretty unsuccessful. It’s not that we’re demoralized when we smash the characters who attack us with our knife and witness them fall to the ground with ridiculous reactions. And the enemies that we don’t break up and just throw around fall to the ground in very absurd ways. Sometimes I’d say I couldn’t help but laugh. Of course, the game does not have good sides. For example, a very large part of the items and objects that you see on the screen are damaged, can be destroyed. Also, if we throw our enemies in places that are sharp, we can get stuck there and enjoy leaving them to die, screaming with beautiful blood effects.

I’m still in doubt about sound and music. It is not possible to say much, as the sounds of the game in general consist of screams and screams. I don’t know how a person can break into 10 pieces and scream, but enemies scream and scream in a lot of ear-scratching ways. The sound effects during the explosion and sword collisions are very successful. And I can say that music is sometimes good, sometimes bad. Although I liked the orchestral music in the first episode, I didn’t like the irrelevant music in the next episode. In fact, a musical system that varies depending on the place was adopted, but if it were up to me, Gothic melodies would be better suited throughout the entire game.

Let’s move on to the flaws of the game, which is expected to be successful enough to drive bloodthirsty game lovers crazy with its technical details. Unfortunately Bloodrayne 2 contains too many bugs to be in a console game. I mentioned the evil of animations and the absurdity of death patterns. Worse, our character can get stuck at some point. Because of this situation that happened to me a few times, it was very annoying to play the episode from the beginning. Another problem is that sounds come out at irrelevant times. For example, when you cut off a character’s head and kill him, he should go to hell quietly, and sometimes long screams and screams rise from the head that rolls into the corner of the Hall. Sometimes, you can hear the long-term screams of women divided into 10 parts and say, “God, is this scream coming from the internal organs?”what I said happened.

Bloodrayne 2 is one of the important games we’ve all been waiting for. I’d better not insult you any more. Because despite the bugs that are abundant, I can still say that it is a very successful action game. The cut that every game appeals to is obvious. I don’t think you’ll get these bugs that I’m talking about, which BloodRayne also addresses. Personally Bloodrayne fans will find everything they want to see in the game (thanks to the free camera mode) more than enough!

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