Blacksite: Area 51 Review

Blacksite: Area 51

51, which is said to have been experimenting with extraterrestrial spaceships for years and has retained the marijuana curtain. The area has also been the subject of many films and projects. Based on this, the area 51 game was really interesting when it was first announced. Both the subject and the materials shown did not look bad in general. But with the release of the game, the pain actually came to light. Gameplay, insufficient artificial, technical errors, lack of graphics could not be a successful production. It first appeared on consoles, then was adapted for the PC platform. After the defeat of Area 51, Midway announced Blacksite: Area 51, which will be considered a sequel to the game. Statements from the producers were positive. The sequel, which is notable for its next-generation graphics, unfortunately shares the same fate as its older brother.

First lesson exercise

The game first begins in Iraq. We find ourselves in the back of a pickup truck, traveling with our teammates. Right after the occasional dialogue, we get out of the truck and get into a shootout. At these points where we have direct hot contact, on the one hand, it can also be called the process of getting used to the mechanics of the game. In this part, what we should do is also explained by the messages that appear on the screen. The mechanics of progress in the game are quite linear. Everything goes down a certain path and reaches certain points. It consists of purposes such as placing bombs at destinations, defending against incoming enemies. The production does not allow freedom in any way. We always have to move on from the part where the game allows. For example, in Iraq, there is a mission to blow up the bridge. After arriving at the bridge, the enemy comes and fights them, then we place the bombs and engage the enemies who come again. Everything’s normal so far. But to shoot better against opponents, you want to go to the side of the road to the bridge, invisible walls prevent you from going directly to the next square. Because you’re a little more open, you can be more damaged than bullets. You wanted to take a shortcut to the building that was supposed to go the same way. It looks like there’s an open space in front of you, but bingo, the invisible wall barrier is also here. That’s the first thing blacksite has done. Either way, we can only go through the parts that the producers allow. Not a tickle more, forbidden.

We have two more men with us. We give commands to our teammates in a simple way. Go over there, shoot, etc.the order-making techniques we’re used to now appear in blacksite. Our teammates have a number of abilities, such as taking cover somewhere, shooting from there. At least they show a little brilliance of intelligence. But I can’t say the same about enemies. Our enemies only stand at a certain point. It’s easy to kill with. They don’t do moves like running away or moving. There’s a soldier shooting at us. And when you shoot at him and shoot him, he continues to shoot from where he stands, as if “I will never die.” He’s already in the afterlife after taking a few bullets. This applies not only to normal human enemies, but also to aliens, which form the main basis of the game. I’d say enemy AI is seriously crawling on the ground, even United on the ground.

Could be a good presentation.

Unreal 3 Engine is used in the production. So the graphics in general are good quality. It’s already clear that Unreal 3 is doing it in general. The surrounding coatings and modeling are above average. Especially in the following episodes, some of the creatures we encounter are well detailed. Bang, light games are quite enough. But there’s another problem here. Because the game is a console port, it has a number of optimization problems. In general, Unreal 3 was optimized for the projects used. But for some reason, as Ubisoft did in Rainbow Six: Vegas, Midway has taken such a path in blacksite. His system can be really challenging when it comes to playing. And the hard drive makes a big hole. System needs are also not less than a half. Along with this, there can be mistakes. Already the production contains many bugs. We can have events like opponents going through objects, where our character gets stuck. Along with this, the sounds are usually scrawny. Aside from the lack of effects, for some reason, the dialogues within the game are disconnected and muffled. It’s not very nice personally. Besides the visuals, at least I’d like the sounds to be good.

The game does not have the ability to save anywhere. Instead, it automatically saves when we get to certain points. So if you move forward and die in an irrelevant place, you have the opportunity to start from behind. Sometimes there are parts where we get in the car and go and fight, which at least invigorates the game, which is constantly linear and goes to one straight. Although fighting against creatures may seem a little enjoyable at first, it can squeeze because of the game’s flat mechanics and the fact that it’s the same after a while.

As a result, Blacksite: Area 51 is not a game as it was said. There was talk of producer Harvey Smith before it was specifically released. He really emphasized that the game would make a quality and good presentation. But their explanation turned out to be the opposite. After the game failed to deliver what was expected, Harvey Smith left midway. Let me point that out. If you say you like most FPS-type productions, you can take it and play. Other than that, you don’t have much to lose, even if you don’t play.

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