Black & White: Creatures Isle Review

Black & White: Creatures Isle

Although playing” Divinity ” seemed strange at first, we all played Populus madly when the Amiga was still ruling. Although it was a masterpiece for its time, the only attraction in the game was to arrange space and cast spells, so as the game progressed, the person would have trouble. Then came Black & White. “We need offspring! We need offspring!”he built a throne in my heart with his effects. But as I played, this game also felt monotonous. There were a lot of towns around, and it took quite a long time to capture them. The most boring thing was doing the same thing all the time. Fortunately, the game was only five episodes, and it was over just as soon as it tasted.

But the biggest innovation that black&white brought was your creature, which you trained with your own hands.
He gave the game a very good taste with his advanced intelligence and excellent learning ability to surprise a person. A creature that watched every move you made learned everything over time. He made his most important task of influencing your opponent’s servants better and faster with spells and behaviors that he learned from you. But in the game, you mostly didn’t have enough time to scratch your head, so you couldn’t devote as much time to his training as needed. When your creature did something right, you could train it the way you wanted by loving it and beating it when it did wrong. In real life, the behavior-reward process, which is also applied to pets, was very well adapted to the game.Your creature had a character that was independent of your playing style, but gradually formed along with your training. Even if you were a good God, you could be a completely evil creature. According to the personality of your creature, its appearance also changed over time. A good creature turned into a cute pet with a round line , while the evil one’s teeth and nails grew and changed slightly.

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Yeah, finally the Black Isle. Aware of the creature’s interest, game makers built this game on your creature. When you install the game, the game first gets your creature from the original game, but you can also start the game with a new creature if you want. You come to a new continent and realize that there is no God but you.

“This is an island of creatures who have lost their gods or been exiled. We losers have built a bond between us that will never be broken to continue our existence here”

As can be easily understood, our goal in the game is to bring our creature into this organization.For this purpose, we are obliged to deal with different puzzles or games. Puzzles that I liked very much in the first game, but I was annoyed because they were very few, are the main theme in this game. In order to join an organization or fraternity, you need to do about twenty missions. These are fun from time to time, but some puzzles take a long time, and playing them over and over again when you can’t do it makes you arrogant. I don’t know how much fun it will be for you to play bowling with a cow or hiding with a wolf, but if you can do the job a little, you can have a pretty good time.

Your creature does most of these mini-tasks for you, but it’s not always easy to get him to do what you want. Although you get used to controls that sound like death at first, you may have difficulty getting the camera angle to the point you want from time to time. Because you constantly look at the environment from other angles, you can’t memorize the places in the game, and you lose some objects that you need, and you spend a lot of time finding them.

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Later in the game, you find an egg and Tyke comes out of it.TYKE’s a chicken, and he’s your second creature. But this time you’re only training him indirectly. Tyke goes after your creature and learns everything from it. Tyke has the ability to learn everything from your creature in a short time. In addition, it helps people build and speeds up this process, which normally moves at the speed of the cart.

You can play the tasks you have completed over and over again, and the creatures on the task you have completed gather at the main center (temple or whatever). If you want, you can replace your creature with any creature there.

In the game you are promised not only to enter this organization, but also to meet Eve, whom you later learn is the only known female creature. If you can finish all the tasks/puzzles, your creature can have a child with him.

I didn’t see much change in the game’s graphics ,engine or sound , just new creatures added. A quality task pack that will be recommended for those who love to play the first game.

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