Black/Matrix (ブラックマトリクス) is a progression of strategic pretending games created by Flight Plan and distributed by Interchannel. All titles in the arrangement are Japan-selective.

Every portion in the arrangement consolidates standard strategic RPG interactivity with a pastiche of Judeo-Christian strict topics, especially concerning the idea of good and malevolent and the exchange between Heaven, Hell, and Earth and the inhabitants thereof. One title was considered for North American delivery in 1999, and it is accepted that it was in the long run ignored because of its religion-inferred themes.

The first Black/Matrix title was delivered August 27, 1998 for the Sega Saturn reassure in Japan. There were two ensuing redo discharges that add more definite illustrations and extra substance: Black/Matrix AD (Advanced) for Dreamcast was delivered in 1999, and Black/Matrix + (Cross) for PlayStation was delivered in 2000.

The universe of Black/Matrix is anecdotal and dream based, and in it the powers of Hell won a definitive conflict against the powers of Heaven. The triumphant fiends revised history and upgraded society to suit their motivations, turning around the ideas of good and fiendishness. The relatives of the villains, known as black-wings in light of the bat-like wings that develop from their backs, rule over the white-wing relatives of the holy messengers, whom they treat as sub-human slaves. In their general public love is viewed as the most noticeably terrible of wrongdoings, and any one saw as blameworthy of adoration or generosity is pursued and rebuffed.


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