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bionic commando rearmed

There are 21 years that have gone by easily. After all these years, Bionic Commando, a close friend of the former players, has returned again. Bionic Commando Rearmed is a remake of the original game, in fact, before rearmed, Bionic Commando has its original project developed in 3D with next-generation graphics. However, the producers did not skip the original game, remade it as a surprise and presented it to the taste of us game lovers. So before the 3D version of Bionic Commando, which is still under construction, Nathan “R.A.D.”We also have the opportunity to play Spencer’s great adventure in its original form.


Bionic Commando Rearmed is a remake of the game released for the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) Platform in 1988, but the game was originally released for the first arcade systems in 1987. After the arcade, he also found a place in the Amiga and Commodore 64. So before NES, it also showed itself on different platforms. Rearmed handles the same scenario as the original story in the NES. Nathan ” R.A.D.”In the game in which we control Spencer, saving an agent named Super Joe, who has not been heard from for some time, from the hands of Imperial, is processed in an adventure that goes through us during this time.

For those who don’t know, let me point out right from the beginning, Bionic Command 2D is a platform game, our goal in the production is to switch from platform to platform, kill the enemies that stand in front of us, and finish the boss at the end of the episode and finish that episode. In the game, we perform platform transitions thanks to our bionic arm, which extends up to a certain distance and pulls us up and forward. In rearmed, there is no jumping, our bionic arm takes over the function of jumping. Although it may seem a little counterproductive, since there is no jumping in the first place, you can easily get used to the gameplay in this way. In the sections, we enter from the top of the main map, so that the main map screen comes in front of us before the game starts. Thanks to a helicopter, we come to the numbered section and enter this section. Except for our helicopter, enemy trucks are on the maps. If we collide with an enemy truck, we’re in collision. At this time, the game is moved to the screen looking from the top, in this part we have to kill the enemies and blow up the truck, when the truck disappears, we return to the main map screen again.

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In the parts numbered on the map, the white ones belong to Imperial, and the red ones belong to the FSA (Federal States of America) bases to which we are affiliated. If we get into the section where we have our own bases, we can train with extra games played against time here, find different improvements to our character and get rights. At times, the rights can also come out in episodes where we collide with enemy trucks.

Hero Nathan

The improvements we find in the bases make our character stronger, plus we need to pass some obstacles. For example, in the game, we can hack Imperial’s security systems and win bonuses. But there are some necessary chips for these systems. For example, systems in one section need a blue chip, and for other sections, a Yesil chip. In addition to the improvements in the bases, there are weapons and improvements that we earn from the bosses, because at the beginning of some episodes, we encounter obstacles, and there must be improvements or weapons necessary to destroy the obstacle. It is already clear which weapon or development is required on the obstacle. So we can kill the boss before that episode and destroy the obstacle that we face when we move on to the next episode with a weapon or enhancement. For example, there is an improvement in the game for our arm, thanks to this development, we thus destroy the obstacle that appears at the beginning of the episode, plus not only destroy it, but also our bionic arm, which previously only held platforms, can now hold and throw enemies. Also, before this development, we can grab surrounding objects with our bionic arm and throw them at enemies.

It also installs the de AGEIA Physics card driver that you installed rearmed on your PC, so our 2D game also allows you to see more physics interaction if you have a physics card. In fact, if you look at the enemies who died, even when their bodies fell, they received a share of the effect of physics. Entering the technical part, the production has quite colorful and high-quality graphics. Even visually it looks better than most mediocre 3D games. Speeches and briefings were made in the production, staying true to the original. They gave the same old game air. Sounds and music were also used as in the original game.

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Bionic Commando Rearmed is a fairly successful production, although it is small in size, it even has a multiplayer that offers co-op and Deathmatch support, with the exception of a single player. It’s a game that plays itself in every way and is quite addictive. The biggest flaw of rearmed is that it’s addictive. Besides the PC, the production also appeared for the PS3 and X360 as well. Whichever of these three platforms you have, I would definitely recommend playing the game.

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