Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg Review

Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg

I like fun games. When the day is tiring, they are suitable for coming home and having a drink or two. What they do is just entertain you, not shrink you. They differ from other games with their easy gameplay and humorous atmosphere. There’s no evil in them, and some of them can even put you in a laughing crisis. That’s how the Psychonauts came out last year. It was a really funny game. It was among my favorites with its freakishly fun graphics, content, ease of gameplay, and many more. All you have to do in this genre is pass the sections easily and have a nice laugh.

Chicken island

Chickens are attacked by crows one day. Old chickens are desperate in the face of this situation, because the darkness will come sooner or later. This situation must be confiscated and the Crows destroyed. It’s a tough task for a little boy named Billy Hatcher. It’s as simple as that, and here’s Billy Hatcher with chicken and eggs.

It is actually a GameCube game and was released for this console in 2003. I don’t know how it was in him anymore, but I can say that his output on PCs is not so much Ahim Shah. In general, all we have to do is drive eggs, cluck and crush the surrounding enemies nicely. The result of these is to achieve our goal and get the head of the cock. In fact, the game gives us these things in a very fun way, what can you expect from a production that is already about chickens? Immediately after the decapitation of the events, we are involved in the story. Billy and I first do a brief workout in a Tutorial section. After a light show of eggs in this part, we will find a chicken outfit on top of us. In this way, we also get our cluck chicken powers.

Omelet making

We get our driver’s license, just like we put on a chicken suit at Billy Hatcher, because we drive eggs as weapons. There are certain eggs around, you rub them on enemies, crush them and destroy them. Eggs are not only driven, they are necessary for us to jump to high places. They allow us to jump a certain distance. Originally Billy Hatcher is a platform game and you’re nothing without eggs. You need them to move quickly between platforms and jump from there to here like kangaroos. You stick to the eggs, but they offer you certain powers. Watermelon, banana, apple, cherry, pineapple, etc… fruits are found. They come out not only around you, but also from your dead enemies or from objects such as chests, trees, rocks that you have broken. You go over them with eggs and crush them nicely, and they fill up the yolk of your egg. As the yolk of the egg fills, it begins to grow. And when it reaches the final stage, you cluck it well with the help of your chicken powers. The egg cracks and a useful force comes out of it. Powers can sometimes be in the form of an auxiliary creature or an ibik. Our auxiliary creatures are fire, water, electricity, Earth, etc… they have such powers. They are useful to us to overcome an obstacle or mass murder of enemies. According to the color and shape of each egg, it is obvious that they will come out of it. For example, an electric creature appears from the yellow ones, and a water creature appears from the blue ones. In the game, there is a catalog showing which egg works what.


Each episode features an icon in the form of a rooster or chicken head that we need to reach. Sometimes we get icons directly or get them by doing another task. The tasks we have to do are Kill a boss or open a door, etc… it’s in shape. But whatever the outcome, you end up getting that icon. The game is extremely simple and easy to play. All the features you’d expect from a platform game are available. Don’t jump from there to here, don’t run from here to here, etc… in general, the path to go is clear. The result is just to overcome the small obstacles that you encounter sometimes. These are also extremely easy to do. At the beginning of the game, you can adjust the controls according to the desired key. But the controls also do not have any problems and are extremely comfortable. I didn’t have any problems playing.

Billy Hatcher’s graphics are not good, but it has a motley and chirpy texture. It never bores and illuminates a person. The environment and modeling were done in a funny way. It’s quite entertaining as an image. And the sounds are pretty vicious. Although the effects are enough for the game, there is no voice-over. You can only see what is being said from the messages on the screen. Besides, there’s something interspersed with the chicks singing when they talk. Originally published as Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg Its gameplay is evident with its subject matter and cute graphics. Maybe you can have a drink or two to get away from the boredom.

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