Billy Blade and the Temple Of Time Review

Billy Blade and the Temple Of Time

Welcome to the adventure of treasure hunter and swordsman Billy Blade. Billy and I will explore the”Temple of time ” and experience all the beauties of today’s action games in a game format designed for children. Our adventure, which will often require us to travel through time, will drag us from desert lands very similar to Prince Of Persia, to ice ages, even pirate hunting in the Caribbean.

If you think we’re going to live this whole adventure to save a princess, you’re absolutely wrong. The beauty we must save, the heir to Kings and Sultans, is not a lady, but a smelly, hairy monkey. When our beloved monkey is trapped in the Magic Cube, our hero Billy can’t stand this great pain and falls on the road. In the hieroglyphic inscription he first saw, he easily (!) as can be seen, there is only one way to save our dear friend; beat up the enemy and collect magic orbs from magical chests. In that case, it’s not time to sit and wait, it’s time to act.

I have to break a crate, collect a sphere

Billy Blade is a colorful production based solely on children, as can be seen from the installation phase, Deco demos and in-game graphics. With the first cartoon animation we watch, we immediately notice how the atmosphere will be shaped. In order to restore our monkey trapped in the sphere, we must act and fight many enemies. As soon as our game starts, it gives the impression that it is a children’s version of Prince Of Persia. We have time portals waiting to open, and when we enter the only portal available, we reach the first section. A young man with a double sword appears on our screen. This character, who we think is a fairly athletic and fast fighter, unfortunately disappoints us in his first fight. Because the controls of the game are incredibly cumbersome. Despite the fact that he can double jump very high, swing a sword quickly, we have serious problems controlling our character comfortably.

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When we put the controls aside and take action to figure out what’s going on in the environment, we break a lot of crates and barrels and collect a lot of mana from them. With these meanings, we will activate various special forces in the continuation of the game, but in the first episode we do not yet have such forces. For now, we collect these meanings for pleasure. Although the Environmental Design is very cute and colorful, it seems a little empty to the eye. Tap to repeat herself a lot each small rectangle prism modeled as objects, we can imagine the sound and the camel only until the fingers of one hand the number of polygons non-detailed design the character they were still in the game I think the only reason is the music. Indeed, in the early episodes, the music that carries exotic tunes keeps us in the game, as if to say, “hang on a little longer.”

At least I’ll go through a few episodes.

When we hold ourselves and somehow get on with the game, this time the chain of mistakes starts to rain down on our heads. First, when it comes to jumping platforms, we have an incredible control challenge. In any case, we never dominate the game because the camera looks at it from an abnormal angle, and when the cumbersome controls are added, jumping from platform to platform turns into torture. There’s almost no need to talk about the AI of enemies. The easiest thing about killing each of them is to immediately run at it and constantly press the attack button. I mean, there’s no need for acrobatic fights, jumping around and doing somersaults. Just attack him.

As I mentioned earlier, Billy Blade’s graphics, whose technical structure is extremely mediocre, are just cute sex. Everything is extremely empty, and the partition designs are the same as the previous ones. In addition, despite such a low level of graphics, the game pushes the computer too hard. Even if the screen refresh rate is sufficient, fast screen switching cannot be achieved during the character’s progress. That’s why the game feels “slow.” Although it also has some advantages from the musical structure, it is extremely unsuccessful in in-game sounds.

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As a result, Billy Blade, which looks like a Prince of Persia game for children, cannot protect this tospembe painting, which it shows with its fairly mediocre technical structure and numerous errors. Although it has no point to be taken and played, it is one of the rare games for children, and Dec videos that can be considered beautiful are the only pros.

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