Big Scale Racing Review

big scale racing

I remember when I went to first school, I looked up to remote-controlled cars. I bought one for crying. He’s the kind of guy you all know who has a little engine and can only go back and forth. After 3-4 years, the technology will be a little more advanced, which I bought from cars that can go not only back and forth, but also right and left, or even pull paws in marble. For me, in those days, they were just toys. Years have passed. We have all grown up. But some of us didn’t lose the child in it and kept playing with these toys. Of course, he’s had his share of years in these toys. Now they are toys with giant radio frequency remote controls and can reach speeds of 50-60km (!). Times have changed and they have fallen into the hobby category.

Here Big Scale Racing is a game made for toys that have completely surpassed this self. Although it may seem like a child’s game from the outside, it is actually very enjoyable and a game that any age can play. The area in which we race is completely copied one-on-one from special tracks designed for this job. There are exactly 6 tracks prepared with all the details. There are many options, from NASCAR-style tracks where you constantly rotate, to Formula 1-style plenty of chic tracks. The cars are modeled after what happens in real life, as are the runways. Both coatings and types are very good. There are 10 different cars. From his truck to his Mercedes. The game has 3 modes. Championship, fast racing and practice. There are 11 divisions in the championship. In order to move from one to the other, you need to enter the top 3 in that tournament you are competing in. If you succeed, the upper section opens. And there are different vehicles waiting for you. This way, when you go all the way to the end, you can race cars that reach really incredible speeds. Another mode is fast racing. You can play directly on the track you want with the car you want. Practical is a mode in which you compete with yourself. Especially one-on-one to get to know the tracks.

The graphics are multicolored. When you start the race, it’s officially a riot of color on the screen. The cars are modeled very solidly. I’d say the runways are complete. The weather conditions were also not neglected. There are many weather conditions, such as cloudy, rainy, sunny. But the game asks you for a normal machine for this detailed and great graphics. Geforce 2 Mx cards that easily play most games at these times are unfortunately insufficient in this game. Even at 800×600 resolution, the game falters when the cars you race enter the same screen. If you make the graphics settings Medium or Low, you can easily play. But this time you can also be deprived of this riot of color and great graphics that I mentioned. Like everything else, the sounds were taken from real vehicles. You can already feel it when you get above a certain speed.

“From a distance, from the next room!”

Another good feature of Big Scale racing is the pleasure of playing Multi-Player with friends with a LAN connection. From a LAN connection, exactly 8 people can compete in a race at the same time. With SplitScreen mode in the same menu, you can also play by dividing the screen by 2 people from the same computer.

Final Words :

It’s very exciting to meet these toys that I’ve been interested in since I was a little girl in this kind of Game. Actually, a few games like this have been done in the past. Big Scale Racing easily stands out from these games with quality graphics, fun tracks and racing modes. Not to mention extra tracks and vehicles that you can download from the internet. I’d say it’s a complete game of stress relief and relaxation. Get and play.

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