Bethesda builds new game studio for remakes


According to a recent rumor, Bethesda may be building a new game studio that will focus on remakes and remasters.

Games evolved over the years and that has been published, which has become one of the most popular companies in the world of Bethesda, The Elder Scrolls 6 and Starfield productions of large, such as busy with recently, although the company will focus on remasterlar remake old games and new game studio plans to build a rumor that came out. It is worth noting that the new studio, referred to as Artifact Studios, is just a rumor and is not an official source.

Bethesda to set up new studio, it has been claimed


Since Microsoft acquired Bethesda, we have learned that new Bethesda games will be released exclusively on the console side of the Xbox (except Deathloop and Ghostwire: Tokyo, which will be released as a PlayStation exclusive game under a pre-purchase agreement). In addition, Redfall, which was in development by Arkane Studios, was announced, and almost all Bethesda games, including fairly old productions, were added to the Xbox Game Pass system. A YouTube channel called Skullzi TV, which promotes Bethesda-focused content that it produces, has sparked rumors that the company will set up a new studio called Artifact Studios to make remakes and remasters of its old games. He also stressed that while Skullzi said he often heard this from many trusted people and developers, it was only a rumor and there were no official sources.

after aha, the company’s new studio, artifact, which was supposed to be Artifact, will be Skyrim’s 10th studio. it was reported that he was working on a special documentary. Skullzi says they anticipate that the announcement of this new studio under a different name will take place at QuakeCon 2021 or E3 2022, scheduled for August 19. It is worth noting again and again that these claims are purely rumors and that there are no official sources behind them. We have already learned that Starfield, one of the largest projects in Bethesda’s hands, will be released on PC and Xbox on November 11, 2022. Xbox president Phil Spencer, who recently attended an event organized by IGN, gave a small hint that The Elder Scrolls 6 will not be released before the new Fable and said that we will have to wait a long time longer.

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It is one of the claims that the Bethesda team wants to distract players until they release major projects, while focusing on remakes and remasters with a new studio that they will set up. Let’s also say that these claims mentioned are just rumors, and the probability that none of them will occur is quite high.

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