Best Mobile Games Of The Week

mobile games

The mobile gaming world is a bottomless pit. New games are released every day. As a matter of fact, it can be quite confusing for game lovers to choose a game from time to time. Let’s move on to our games without further ado.

Wild Rift

mobile games

Wild Rift, which we can call the mobile version of League of Legends, has also been one of the frequently suggested productions in our previous videos. In a production that includes everything we expect in a LoL game outside of the Mobile adapted interface, we choose a champion and try to rule out our opponents and be the winner.

Gangstar IV

mobile games

Gangstar IV, a kind of fake GTA, offers us an open world game experience. In the game, we commit all kinds of crimes, spill all the dirt inside us and move on. Although the graphics seem a little old, the game is quite enjoyable.

World War Heroes

mobile games

In World War Heroes, another World War-themed game, our goal is to be the winning side at the end of the conflicts we enter. The game also features a large number of weapons and equipment from that era. That’s how we catch the air of old Call Of Duty games.


mobile games

In this game, where we gather all kinds of dragons and develop our city, where we feed the Dragons, our goal is to create the strongest team and trust the friend and strike fear into the enemy. Just as we can collect dragon eggs from right to left, we can also create different species by mating our own dragons. mobile games


mobile games

Injustice, the subject of a reality in one of the DC comic book universes in which our superheroes turn into ruthless tyrants, continued its success as a game with comics. This game is also a mobile adapted version of the fighting game that we play on consoles and PCs. mobile games


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