Beijing 2008 Review

beijing 2008

The Olympics are over, but the issue of medals that we can’t get what we want continues to be talked about in the press, as well as in the virtual world with video games. Producers who like to take advantage of everything, as always, did not back down from making material for the Olympics. Actually, it’s kind of good. We’ve never had the opportunity to play the Olympic Games before. For those who are tired of playing major sports, Beijing 2008 felt like medicine. But I also need to remind you not to forget that every drug has some side effects.

Gold medal

Beijing 2008 is seen as a good alternative to being able to play the ones that are not played as I mentioned. But unfortunately, the number of people who could be given this production remained somewhat limited. Apart from the PC, the production was also released only for the PlayStation 3 and X360 consoles. Especially after I saw the PS3 version of the production, I thought it was a fun game that could be played on the PSP platform. But unfortunately, only the next generation of consoles and PCs are limited. Already aware of this situation, one of the producers released the International Athletics game, which was a kind of ramming Beijing 2008 for the PSP.

Beijing 2008 hosts thirty-six events. Some of them are different types of the same branch, so the number increases. Water games, Field Games, gymnastics and shooting as the main branches of the species can be collected under the headings. But I still have to say that there are quite a number of sports that can be played in the game. In this respect, it is nice to be busy with different sports, as if you are tired of someone and moving to a new game. It can be said that there is quite a lot available that undermines the playability of the production. First, let’s talk about a situation that doesn’t have much effect on the loss of playability, but gets a little ridiculous within a game with this title. First, although this is an Olympic game, it only houses the flags of 32 countries in its content. In this regard, I was a little surprised when we did not see the Turkish flag when we first chose a nation. And when I kept ignoring it, I saw that the players had talent points. In the Olympic Games, which progress day by day, you have to pass at least three of the five different games presented each day. Otherwise, you have to play that day again. This makes sense in theory, but failure in practice is usually inevitable because Talent Points affect success in games. Talent points are successful in a game. In this regard, you become a successful athlete on the last day of the Olympics.

I honestly don’t understand how such a ridiculous situation is done. Athletes competing in the Olympics should be the best athletes in the countries of the world, while suddenly you find yourself a gym teacher of a student without abilities. A training section has been installed to work between modes in the main menu. Here you can also get information about how the games are played. Apart from training mode, we see competitions and the Olympics in the menu. The competition section itself is divided into three main titles. These are single player mode, game over LAN and online game over the internet. I can say that the production is quite enjoyable, especially when you play multiplayer. Especially when you play over LAN, you can have a lot of fun with your friends. We talked about training, competitions and the Olympics. In fact, it is worth saying that these three main categories are the same. In each of them, we first choose a nation, then choose the sport we want to play and the men/women we want to play and go into the game. The only difference is that you don’t play against the processor in multiplayer modes, and the Olympic title goes according to a certain order.

Bad port…

Perhaps the biggest drawback of the game is the controls. From the moment you open the game, you can start plucking your hair. I think after the producer company produced the game for consoles, it feels like they forgot the keyboard controls when they port to the PC and added the game at the last moment without releasing it. I’m not exaggerating this situation; in fact, as soon as you open the game, you start pressing all the keys on the keyboard. It also takes a short time to realize that the console controls shown on the screen have nothing to do with the keyboard. For example, it is said to press A to confirm, B to exit. But since these keys are A and B on the joystick, there are no provisions on the keyboard. After somehow reaching the menu, we adjust ourselves with can havli and throw ourselves into the keyboard configuration section. A,B,X keys, such as Shift, Ctrl, Space, such as the equivalent of the keys we do not know what they work. Of course, that was my choice, but that’s probably what you’ll do, too. After a few trial and error games, we have to adjust the configuration again and again. After deciding on the keys that best suit yourself, you can start playing. But unfortunately, there is also a problem here. Even in the training section shown before the game starts, the key functions are shown again as a, B. On the one hand, trying to keep in mind which key works, and on the other hand, the question mark that I assigned this key to appears in our heads from time to time. The reason for this can be said as the use of different keys in different sports and their functions change.

Keyboard killer

If you haven’t eaten the keyboard yet, I think you absolutely deserve to play! Spores usually require pressing the keys in series. A bar appears on the screen and rises to the level at which you press the keys in series. For example, gaining speed on a run or bike requires synchronously pressing two separate keys in series. Frankly, I declare the production a keyboard killer. I don’t remember using such a hard and serial keyboard in a game. In this regard, it is useful to use your old keyboard before playing the game! In some sports, as in Cannonball throwing, a circular bar appears when you turn the Cannonball, and you are asked to follow the ball as simultaneously as possible. So you gain strength and your launch distance increases. Also, in the javelin throw, it is necessary to first run and then determine the angle of the shot. In order to suddenly determine the angle of the shot while running, you switch to Slow Motion, that is, the slowed-down image, and at that time you are asked to determine the angle. In sports that are competed as a team, such as cycling, the power of each of the four different athletes on the team is used in order. As he keeps the speed of the leading athlete at a high pace by pressing two separate keys in a series, the red paint inside the heart, which represents the strength of the active athlete, begins to decrease. When it comes to the lowest level, we take the tired one to rest at the back with a different button, and the tired one becomes the new leader behind it. In this way, athletes are allowed to cross the rope alternately.

If we enter the top three, flowers and a medal ceremony are shown on the podium. Since there are so many different species, I hope that telling you a few of them will at least give you an idea. Perhaps one of the most successful aspects of the production is the visuals. Both athlete modeling and environment modeling are quite well done. As always, there is some awkwardness in the audience, but this is a situation that we are used to and is not so important. It can be said that the animations of athletes are quite successful. In terms of sounds and music, we usually hear the same timbres. Chants and applause are accompanied by the same melodies. Beijing 2008, in general, was a production that came to the fore with the different types of sports it offered, but lost its playability too much due to technical disasters. A game that could have been pretty good, unfortunately, was largely wasted. If you have a new generation console, I strongly recommend that you choose the console version of the build. For PC users, I can say that this game can be played comfortably only with the gamepad.

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