Battlefield 2: Special Forces Review

Battlefield 2: Special Forces

After Counter Strike’s gameplay style, which has now become commonplace, Battlefield 1942 breathed a great breath into the game world. The charts were the best of their time. The shop was staying. Added to this is the ability to use planes, tanks, and a great multiplay game. The goal was not to kill the enemy, as in Counter Strike. Strategy was more important. Winning fronts and keeping them under your own protection… That’s what was different. Frontline defense made the gameplay more enjoyable. It mattered more than how many men you shot, how long the front was under your protection.

Then Vietnam came out. His name included the struggles between the Vietnamese and the Americans. But it was no different from 1942. Just a few vehicles, a few maps. I’d say he didn’t like the players very much. After a while, EA Games announced Battlefield 2. Looking at screenshots, it looked great graphics. The producers ‘ story was very exciting for the actors. It was said that the soldiers would be in constant communication with each other, that the explosions were in real time. In fact, when we played multiplay, it was said that we could talk to our friends with the help of a microphone. Battlefield 2 is out. The graphics were great. The explosions were very real. The sounds were exactly the same as the real ones. So much so that when I opened the window of my room and fired the gun at the game, people outside were surprised by these sounds. ‘I wonder if it’s real gunfire.’ so…

We were in constant contact with our friends. Artificial intelligence was very good. They respond to every command we give soldiers, if they can do it, if they can’t, they answer ‘negative’. When we drove our vehicle over the enemy, they didn’t stop like wood, they quickly drove away from there. Everything was really in order. Everyone liked BF2. EA Games, meanwhile, was making preparations for the Expansion Pack. Name of the game Special Forces: Special Forces

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I installed the game. I double-clicked the shortcut. I left the mouse and keyboard. I knew a good video would welcome me. EA Games really knows its job on this. I’d say in the introduction video, they passed a brief summary of what we can do in the game. It was the same with BF2. The menu is the same. I immediately clicked Single Play mode. Oh my goodness! Only 5 maps. This are very weak, though. Two of them are in the form of a night operation. I expected a lot more maps from the Expansion pack. I should hope so. Why is it called an expansion pack? As new to the game, the Russian army caught my attention. The Loading menu makes us wait a lot, as in BF2. Even opening Windows XP doesn’t take that much time! So much so that the music playing on this menu repeated itself twice in my system.(AMD 64, 512 MB RAM, 256 MB Nvidia 6600) but I have to say that when we first open our game, the menu makes us wait a lot, while the next time we open the same map, this time gets a little shorter…

I started the game. I complained about the lack of maps, but I was really happy with the map designs. The drawings are amazing. You can’t see the error. Buildings, facade positions are in place. Already in a multiplay-based game the map is very important. The imbalance in these affects playability a lot. I don’t think I need to talk too much about the charts. Same as BF2. It looks like there are minor improvements. As if the drawings were more detailed. I suggest you look at that map at the bottom. Foyer Palace looks really good. Soldier designs are also very realistic. For example, a British soldier really looks like a British, or an Iraqi soldier really looks like an Iraqi soldier. Both in terms of clothing and in terms of facial design… The physics engine really attracts a lot of attention in our game. The soldiers are practicing awesome physical movements in the direction in which they were shot. Vehicles are affected by inaction as they enter the bend. And the sounds are awesome. I’d say it’s the best quality in-game sounds I’ve ever heard. The sound of your gun is very realistic. Sometimes I get so excited that I shoot for nothing to hear the sound of that gun. The sound settings you make from Lonely moons are very important. My sound tune was on hardware. New vehicles, new weapons added to our game, of course. But I think these are insufficient for an expansion package. Less than the number of vehicles. In fact, there are no aircraft in the departments. (Helicopter, aircraft)

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Special Forces: I was talking about strategy at the top. I was talking about the 1942 feature that was superior to the Counter Strike. I mean, I was talking about strategic play. In Special Forces, the strategy was a little more detailed. Our units have various special tools. We can use these tools to kill the enemy in a more insidious way. For example, we can throw our hook and climb to the roof of the building in front of us, or we can slide down a tall building with a rope. We can also wear nightvision to get a better view of our enemy at night. We can even wear a gas mask to avoid damage from a dropped gas bomb. I can say that the Expansion Pack, which I consider, will make the most mention of its name. Anyway, there’s nothing else.

Special Forces is a good expansion pack, if you ask. I can stay in a dilemma. Inadequate maps and inadequate tools, I think, are bad for an expansion pack. But it’s really fun to use special tools in Special Forces. Especially it will be much more enjoyable to use them in a multiplayer game…


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