Battlefaces: Midway Review

Battleface: Midway

Playing the simulation type is serious business for me. It contains a lot of details, regardless of the type of aircraft, ship, submarine, etc. It is even necessary to investigate and know the history of the vehicle you are playing in the simulation or the events you are in when the place comes. 2 for the Silent Hunter series. I think it is necessary to know the submarines of World War II well. Looking at the technical information of U-boots, researching their history, 2. Knowing what role they played in World War II is a few of the reasons I consider mandatory for myself. We also need to know about Japanese, American submarines, etc. Back to the point, if we look at the simulation style more curved, there are games that we can call the arcade style with simulation sauce, which seems easier. A simulation case is installed, but there are no details. They appeal to many players with their easy controls, simple game structure. In fact, the simulation is at a crossroads here; one of them is serious and goes deep, while the other remains just like a layer of oil above the water. With its simplicity, it only takes a small part of the simulation.

Battlestations: Midway, one of the productions I’ve been waiting for for a long time, is a little bit of simulation, a little bit of action, arcade and a little bit of strategy. 2. We have learned that the water of World War II is now being drained. Strategies, FPS, TPS, simulations, etc. A World War II game, the producers put it in front of us. Some of them are fos, some of them are beautiful; but there is a fact that now 2. World War II is starting to taste pumpkin. 2. Trying alternative scenarios, dates, interesting events or something like that in World War II unfortunately does not make a return. Personally, I’m now overwhelmed at times. Here’s how it burns with trouble, Battlestations: Midway 2. He brings it to me as World War II.

Pacific front

Battlefaces: Midway doesn’t offer us the German enemies or the European front, which this time comes across as classic. Instead, it begins with the famous Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on America and moves inland to the Pacific. We start with the captain of an offensive boat. While cruising for the mission to the side of a battleship, a torpedo fired from a Japanese aircraft hits the battleship, causing it to start sinking. This is the beginning of the famous attack on Pearl Harbor, after which the attack shot down Japanese enemy planes with anti-aircraft attacks on the boat.

In general, the game has classic-based missions such as attack, destroy this enemy, protect this ship, etc. Duties can sound banel and ordinary, as they are viewed in writing. But a key feature of Battlefaces: midway comes into play here. Controlling the various tools and the editing in his script will make us quite amused when doing these tasks. The biggest feature of the production is that it allows players to use various tools. We can use a lot of vehicles, from submarines, planes, warships, attack boats, etc. Already in Battlefaces: Midway, one of the main features bestowed was multi-tool use. Now that we control so many vehicles from a person’s mind, isn’t it difficult? His question can pass. It is not difficult, on the contrary, the tools are extremely simple and easy to use. The partnership of W, A, S, D and mouse, which we are used to from fps, continues here. “I can’t control this vehicle.” But don’t ever think about it and get it out of your mind. The W, A, S, D keys work to change direction and accelerate. And the mouse and I aim and shoot. If we need a change of weapon, we can do it by pressing one of the number keys immediately. Already one of the biggest pros of the game is the controls. This part, which is considered complicated, allows you to get used to it as soon as you start playing.


When a movie is made, it’s not just good script, camera angles, performance of the actors, good technical aspect, etc. One of the main points that complete a film is fiction. If you capture good depth and fiction, you have the opportunity to know how to eat even a bad script well in between. Battlestations: Midway’s situation can also be likened to this. Despite the factor of the script, I mentioned driving and the fiction part of the story. We pass through the vehicles and slide to the point of fiction.

I’ll give you an example with the first scene right away. After successfully completing his mission to destroy a Japanese submarine as an offensive boat, he enters the middle of a cinematic. One hit Japanese fighter is heading for the attack boat, which is under our control. But the Japanese plane suddenly explodes in the air. It doesn’t explode because he’s been shot before. An American plane coming from the other direction shoots him down, thus saving the attack boat. At the cinema, as the attack boat captain greets the plane, we say we will continue the mission and wait for the ship’s instructions. But just the opposite, after a short installation, we see the screen of the plane that saved us. The plane that saved our lives in cinema is now in our hands. We’re going to have a lot of these events in the game. Actually, it’s because of a change of mission. But the producers prepared this event in a beautiful fiction. So in the script, everyone is intertwined. In fact, not everyone is counted, the different roles that the player himself portrays are intertwined. That’s how the vehicle change in Story Mode happens in general.

As everything goes so well here, that’s where the bad part comes in. The story part of the script is unfortunately too short. As you get used to full tasks, change vehicles, and go in a certain order; everything ends in an instant. The producers should have kept the script section a little longer. Made really short.

What is this?

Even if the story part ends quickly; to learn the controls, see what works, spend a little more time, have fun; there are also extra sections. You also have a chance to play them as Singleplayer and spend more time. Battlefaces: midway’s main strength is Multiplayer support. It’s fun to fight other players. Personally, compared to short script mode and other extras, the main point of production can be called Multiplayer. We can also use various tools in multiplayer. One of the good parts of the game is the multi-player.

Battlefaces: a little more strategic for Midway. Because there are options such as directing the movement of vehicles on our side, which appear on the screen at the same time, to other places. In this way, we can enable aircraft or warships to attack or defend to the other side.

The game generally has a simple structure. This simplicity actually comes from the fact that action and fun come to the fore. Although our vehicles eat a lot of bullets during the war, they don’t deform. Even if we hit ships here and there, it doesn’t have much effect. These are fine details that are actually made not to cool the player. Based on the realism filter, it could be wrong. But for a game like this, I think the producers did it right. Otherwise, there could be a backlash.

Chart part

In the technical parts of the production, it remained simple, as did the simplicity of the game. Neither the details of the vehicles nor the details of the environment are running a little behind the Times. But this is not a part to be drawn in bad directions. However, it may seem a little strange to take a hand in one of the next generation games and then go to the head of Battlestations: Midway and look at the screen. Graphics, on the other hand, can be easily played with high resolution and details clearly. Apart from the Nvidia MX series, GeForce 4 and Ati 9000 graphics cards, construction works.

Sounds sound good overall. Every once in a while, there are two sizzles, but they boil over. So they don’t have much to worry about. The cinematography that we come across when we tell the events is enough. And the vocalizations don’t look artificial.

Battlefaces: Midway is a game that briefly has many features and blends them. It can make you spend pleasant hours with its simple structure. Compared to this, the short-lived Singleplayer part ends when the player is just used to it. It’s really bad from that point of view. If you’re not looking for realism and 2. If you want to look at World War II from a different angle, Battlestations: Midway is a beautiful game.

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