Battle of Europe Review

Battle of Europe

Do you like the simple game structure? It’s always been one of my favorite structures. It doesn’t contain much detail, you know what’s going to happen in a minute or two. Whether it’s controls, whether it’s your task, etc.These are the basics that are given in a simple and simple way in the dynamics of construction. Such games can be bad, they can be good. But the known fact in the middle is that without their tangled structure, they don’t squeeze the player in these matters. Simulation games are extremely shapeshifting in terms of detail. Aircraft, cars, ships, etc.if you seriously enter the simulation part, many details are presented to the player. In the genre, the purpose is already obvious, there must be realism. In this genre, it takes place in games wrapped in a simulation case, but lacks detail on the basis. Although the overall image looks like a simulation, in fact the basis in them is quite different. That’s where the formula lies. A mixture of simplicity, simplicity and a little simulation can give us this interesting result.

The battle for Europe

Although Battle of Europe was originally an aircraft simulation, the arcade game logic outweighed it. Subject matter 2. On the British side in World War II, we jump on our plane and go after German pilots. That’s the scenario, that’s what we need to do. The entire game is made quite simply. A certain simplicity prevails, from tasks to the entire technical infrastructure. Our goal is to hit certain enemies, bomb there, fly here, etc…. with the help of a small map, we can see our mission location or enemies that we need to shoot. These parts are shown to us as a red dot on the map. Apart from these, we are dropping bombs on bases or cities located on the ground. He performs various other tasks, such as stopping outgoing trains or throwing torpedoes at ships and sinking them.

Unfortunately, making such classic goals becomes a little difficult in the combination of keyboard and mouse. Because sometimes your plane’s answers to your orders can be late. Sometimes you have to do subtle turns and maneuvers. But as a result of late responses and a little sainthood of the keyboard and mouse combination, bad odds can occur. In fact, the key combinations that the game uses are also not too many. Turn the engine on and off, steering keys, “space” and “E” for weapons, that’s it. But it can’t provide the comfortable control and gameplay that Gamepad or joyistics give. If you have one of these two, I definitely recommend using it.

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The sound of a machine gun comes from afar

I can’t say our enemies are smart. Although in a game that offers such an Arcade structure, I expect a lot from our competitors. Because the dose of action is generally common, the producers added plenty of enemies and considered it more appropriate to close this gap. Our enemies can still surprise us with small movements. Sometimes you can go berserk with the manoeuvres they do, I’m very upset about it.

They can also leave certain bonuses when we hit our opponents. These can be bombs, torpedoes, energy, etc. But in general, the ammunition given to you on duty is enough. So you don’t have to insist that I get these bonuses. If anyone can help you, like energy, you can haunt them. But it doesn’t make much of a difference whether you take it or not.

Our weapons are machine guns, torpedoes, rockets, bombs special to the fashion of their time, that’s all. But the machine gun will be the most useful to you. Because he’s running out of ammo, and he’ll be your only helper. Extras such as torpedoes, rockets or bombs will be used when performing missions throughout. In addition, it is more affordable not to spend too much on them to fulfill your goal.

If you get injured during the war or run out of ammunition, you can go back to your base and get it fixed. You’ll do it many times when you play the game. Because it works pretty well. Next thing you know, your rocket’s out, hop back, make reinforcements and continue the mission. Landing and Takeoff can be easily done without any player being nervous, ideal for returning to your base and being repaired. Start the engine on takeoffs, accelerate a little, get up slightly in the air, and then close the landing gear. Maybe even though my words sound a little long now, you’ll see how simple it is when you do it. Even easier on landings; just slow down a little when you get close to the runway and open the landing gear. Next thing you know, your plane has already landed. Everything is automatically handled so easily.

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In the game, as we do tasks and shoot planes, we rise to a certain level. So we enter a certain ranking and collect points accordingly. The benefit of this for us is that it returns as better weapons and new aircraft modeling.

You don’t have to expect that much from the charts. Battle of Europe unfortunately lags behind today’s games. The jagged and grinning veneers in the surrounding area are the first harbinger of these. But as an image, it’s not a bad game, it can even be considered a little above mediocre. Aircraft modeling and explosion and lighting effects are not bad. Get, however, these graphics, which are not super, are enough for such a game. The plus aspect of the job is that you can play the game beautifully on low systems with short load times. In our game, which is also simple about sound, there is music to handle. Other than that, the remaining sound effects can be said, “Well, not bad.”

Another lack of construction is the lack of a multiplayer. Maybe it would have been more fun to fight our friends with multiplayer. Despite these, the game’s simplicity and Arcade style also save the minus it gets from its old technology in general. At least it’s enough to play for a few hours. If you have a low system and want to pass the time, you can try it once. But it’s a game you can pass that doesn’t need to be taken out of it.


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