Bandits: Phoenix Rising Review

Bandits: Phoenix Rising

I used to sit and play quarantine for hours when the PC started to become popular for game lovers. We’d fight for life in a black future with our taxi, which we equipped with heavy weapons. It was really fun to modify a car with heavy weapons. Bandits de qarantinene is a parallel game, this time we portray a pair of looters instead of a taxi driver. The subject of the game is a black utopia that smells like Mad Max, written after a few hours. Already we can say that the game is designed to be played online too from single player.

We’re the leader of the wolfgang gang , desert punks who plunder the right with our desert bugs. Although it has such a bad subject, I think the game is very successful. Like a thousand Infamous games on the market, playability has not been thrown into the background. Although it is very difficult to play the game, it is very enjoyable. Like the famous Walker on the Amiga, you will control the car with one hand and control the car-mounted ball with one hand. The game is very difficult until you get used to it and it takes a few hours to get used to it. The game usually has a strange carom ; on the one hand, while trying to keep the car on the road, we have to shoot at our opponents at the same time, of course, avoid the rockets that target us . Most of the time, the three of them don’t walk together, but the game becomes very moving and fun. In the game, the camera rotates with the ball on the car. So when we’re shooting behind us , we can’t see ahead, we have to think in three dimensions. Although it drives you crazy at first, after a few hours, the game surrounds you, and this poor person can’t get up from his head.

There are many tools in the game , some fast and durable, some durable and slow. There are many weapons , heavy weapons are usually slow, so it is necessary to approach well and fire after good aiming. When we’re not using the ball, we can control the car with the mouse if we want. In Normal use , the car clings to the ground floor in a way that is contrary to physics, it is not even possible to deflect it from its line. I mean, it doesn’t slide from the front or the back. But if we want to stop the car, we can’t keep it steady without using the handbrake. It’s not like a car overturns , in fact, the car can do somersaults in the air, but it falls on all fours like a cat. Every computer Game 5 seconds to go to the top speed nonsense is also present in this game , but at least these cars are going fast, after all, GTA3 teki slowness deeply upset me.

Our missions are usually ordinary things , such as attacking places , protecting someone , blowing up places, but blowing up other vehicles is so enjoyable that the missions never bore you. Just one in the line of duty so that we can save a boring detail , I’m not a player to play Gameboy me sick the same places again and again why I’m being treated like this, at least they could put the autosave zones in the episode ” like the mafia. Playing long missions from the beginning cools you out of the game.

For graphics, we can call it ordinary and fluid , but the portrait drawings of heroes suck

The music is great , we can find rock/blues , hardcore/metal, disco/techno in the soundtrack. He’s the perfect choice for a game like this. The drummandbass party that played when I opened the game immediately picked me up because I was a bass player. Although we can’t notice the effects in the carom in the game, it’s very successful. It’s really important for me to hear the sound of the engine , I was uncomfortable because I couldn’t hear it in the mafia. This is another plus.

Bandits wrist is a game that appeals to a thickened bone audience from the use of joistic. Although I praised the playability, action-simulation (for example : Tie Fighter , Wing Commander , Desert-Jungle Strike, Gunship…) can be a nightmare for those without experience. But don’t be afraid , take this game , Train Your Hand and wrist.

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